Cheap Campervan Melbourne Problems

Budget campervan Melbourne deals look great. They offer you all the freedom at half the price. But are they really giving you a quality vehicle and will you have more problems than you bargained for? Be careful with deals that look too good to be true.

Renting campervan Melbourne providers normally have their target market. The larger market is backpackers who want to save money. After all hotels are going to be too expensive once you add on car hire or bus tours. Hiring a camper is the ultimate alternative, in that it includes accommodation and transport in one package.

campervan hire MelbourneWhen you get to Melbourne find out about the local camper brands.

Ask your local tour operators which ones are the most reliable and have not only the best campers but also the best service. Every camper supplier indeed has had campers that have broken down now and again. This is unavoidable. But beware of cut throat companies putting out campers on Melbourne roads that are nearly broken down before they hit the road. Some suppliers simply play dirty games and cut corners.

They don’t care if you are broken down on the road nor how much time you’ll lose while waiting on repairs or road side assistance.

How to Spot a Lemon Camper

Ask These Questions to Spot Rotten Deals

If you want to rent a campervan Melbourne offers a lot of dealers to choose from. If you shop only looking at the price you could fall into a trap. While Totally Campers is one of the cheaper brands that doesn’t mean we are the cheapest and nor do we want to be.

There is always a balance between saving money and getting quality.

A good campervan deal should offer you a quality camber at a bargain price. You’ll want to ask about the year of the vehicle, not only the make and model. Plus you need to ask how many kilometers it has done. Anything over 200,000 kms and it should be cheap.

Ask if your Melbourne campervan hire deal includes road side assistance.

RACQ is the standard provider in Australia. The campervan should be on a fleet list with RACQ so that if you do run into mechanical trouble you’ll have someone on call to help you wherever you are, across all Australian roads near and far. Even the outback.

Bad kilometers, an older camper, plus no RACQ means you’re in trouble.

All our vehicles are on fleet with RACQ at Totally Campers.

We offer the best campervan hire Melbourne prices you will find attractive.

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