Campervan Melbourne Deals

Campervan Melbourne deals just got better!

Hey friends and fans of Totally Campers. Today I’m going to let you in on a big secret. Because you’ve taken the time to actually read this blog I’m going to show you how to get a ten percent discount on ANY campervan rental company.

That’s right! This ten percent offer, though not official, is secretly available from just about any kind of tourist attraction. You just have to know the way to squeeze it out of your campervan hire Melbourne specialists and say the magic words.

The magic words are:

‘How about instead of you giving twenty percent to your agents I instead book directly with you. So you give me a ten percent discount but you make more money instead of me going through them.’

That’s all you have to say to get a great campervan deal. Melbourne is very competitive and the truth be known all campervan hire companies depend heavily upon booking agents. Those agents run tour desk and websites and in doing so collect their own commission fee for bringing your business to the companies they represent.

campervan hire MelbourneSo if you want to go for cheap campervan hire Melbourne offers then why not add these words to your negotiations and get a bit more off the total hire price.

Hiring a camper is easy. From Melbourne there are a ton things to see and do. If you jump in and commit to campervan hire Melbourne suppliers you’ll find that the local knowledge from your supplier is superior.


Campervan Melbourne Trends

Hire Your Camper During the Cheaper Season

Most tourist make the mistake of thinking they can all hire in the best seasons. But of course at this time with such high demand rental companies have the advantage. Campervans become limited which is why for example campervans over December and the first week of January cost double, sometimes triple their normal rental price!

The busy seasons are:

  • School holidays.
  • Easter break.
  • Christmas holidays.
  • Winter, especially June, July, August.

If you really want to save money then don’t hire a campervan during these times. Cheap campervan hire Melbourne deals are over! Our winter season is the best time of the year, but its also the same holiday season for Europeans. Germans, Italians and the British are on the move. The best campervans and hotels are full and more expensive.

Compare this price table from our competitors:

Camper Type Busy Season Quiet Season
Camper $85 per day $44 per day
Hitop $115 per day $69 per day
4 Berth $165 per day $110 per day

These figures are based on my own observations over the last few years. They are real figures and reflect not only market demand but also typical pricings.

It is during the quiet season that things get a lot more interesting. Recently I saw a major large brand campervan rental company offer a Hitop camper for as little as $30.00 a day. Their philosophy clearly is to keep the campers moving, even if they make very little money, but it keeps staff busy and sharp in maintaining company procedures.

So The Campervan Hire Melbourne Best Season Is?

What then is the best time for not only saving money and enjoying good weather? March, April and May would have to be the best bet. Summer is cooling down, there are plenty of good days. As you drive around the North is warm and not too hot, the south hasn’t reach a cold winter yet. You’ll get to see the best of everything at the best price.