Getting the Best Value for Money On Your Holiday

campervan hire MelbourneIf you want to hire a campervan Melbourne has tons of good campers on offer. Totally Campers is one of the few who actually deliver service as well as great price.

From Melbourne you’ll want the kind of camper that offers you all the comforts away from home. So make sure you ask if your vehicle has heating as well as an air conditioner. Leaving Melbourne with heating is good and well, you’ll need it down there. However the further north you travel in Australia the more you’ll want to cool down!

Don’t skimp on quality over saving a few dollars. These comforts will make a huge different. Want to be cooler at night? The larger motorhome has aircon in the sleeping area. Want more space to stand and still save money? The hitop camper has all the room to stand so you can change your clothes or cook inside. Have a seat there’s tons of space!

Your little 2 berth camper, which we call the Smartie, is best for people who wish to save and have somewhere to sleep. Open up the back and use a mozzie net, so you’ll get the cool breeze to help you sleep at night and keep the mosquitoes at bay.

Campervan Hire Melbourne Toll Roads

Cheap Campervan Melbourne Seekers Often Pay More

That’s right. They often pay more than those who think ahead.

Campervan hire Melbourne customers need to be aware!

One of the pitfalls is that a lot of customers who hire campervans are not informed about highway tolls in Australia. If you are the kind of person looking to rent a campervan Melbourne does have a few tolls you’ll have to pay. But campervan goers are usually the kind of people who like to save a few dollars. No harm there.

There are ways around highway tolls. You can use your mobile phone to select a route which navigates around highway toll zones. This way you’ll avoid having to pay.

Be that as it may some people still get caught. One wrong turn and you’re vehicle has been photographed and you now have an invoice to pay! The thing some tourist believe is that ‘maybe they won’t catch me.’ Unfortunately they will and it will COST MORE.

Your campervan contract shows that you were the driver. Your campervan hire company also has your license details and your home address in your country. They don’t want to pay the bill themselves so they will forwards it to you. Unfortunately they will also send you their own bill for the trouble of having to forwards the toll to your name in your country. A toll process this way cost up to $75.00 in administration fees plus another $16.00 for the toll. This is unfortunate because the toll at first cost only $3.30.

The quickest way to avoid the pain of paying road tolls and save a lot of money is to get a Go Via pass. Go onto their website or get their mobile app. All you need are your travel dates and the registration number of the vehicle. They’ll bill you just $3.30 for each toll. Most customers only go through two or three toll segments.

This way you’ll pay just under $7.00 instead of $300.00 if you hadn’t se this up.

Your campervan hire Melbourne experience will feel so much better.

Melbourne Campervan Hire & Free Parking

You Still Needn’t Pay For Camping Grounds

In many countries where there is all too much regulation you’ll find that parking up over night has become nearly impossible in public areas. The good news is that the ‘good old days’ are still rocking in Australia. There are tons of free spaces.

Even if the police do ask you to move on they’ll do it in a friendly courteous manner.

Tourist are after all the life blood of an Australian economy.

When you hire a camper Melbourne people care.

Truth be known there are some places where campervans have been parked for over seven months. News reporters recently covered the story revealing the tightly knit camper communities teaming around the city. People can be seen having BBQ’s and getting changed in public, or hanging up their clothes to dry between trees in public gardens.

It might sound cheap and dodgy but its the fun part of your camper experience.

Models for Renting Campervan Melbourne Customers

So What Kind of Campervan Do you Want?

There are four main kinds of vehicles you can rent from Melbourne.

From Melbourne you can drive to the following cities where we have branches to drop off your vehicle at the end of your journey. These are the best locations:

  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Adelaide
  • Cairns
  • Sydney

If you really want to see Australia in a camper then we recommend driving from Melbourne up to Cairns in North Queensland. This way you’ll see the best of everything.

You’ll start with the Great Ocean Road and end up in Cairns where you’ll enjoy a trip to the Great Barrier Reef and see some of the best sea life in the world. Plus Cairns is extremely campervan friendly as a city, with free gas BBQ areas next to the sea.

Here are the four main vehicles on offer:

  1. 2 Berth – Smartie Camper.
  2. 3 Berth – Hi Top. Can sleep 4 people.
  3. 4 Berth Motorhome – 5 Seats. Sleeps 5.
  4. 5 Seater Hitop. Go with the whole team.

Learn more about our campervans and get a quote now.

Your friendly campervan hire Melbourne team.