Campervan Deals Made Easy

You can jump right ahead and get your campervan hire Sydney offer right here.

See the campers on offer. Don’t waste time reading about our local tips here.

Sydney is one of the most interesting places to hire a camper. Plus it is easily the most competitive. The thing to remember is that prices will be competitive and companies are willing to match each other’s offer. So make sure you get a few quotes.

Show other camper companies what you got. Make life easy by focusing on two companies in particular and you’ll find that you’ll also start to form relationships with the staff. They’ll get to recognize your face and use the carrot on the stick approach to get a better discount. Just be honest and tell them you are comparing prices. It’s no big secret so there is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact saying you are comparing prices right now plays to your side, as after all they will work harder to try and catch your business.

Cheap campervan Sydney deals don’t always mean better.

If you don’t mind roughing it a bit then go with the cheapest. Some people can live without luxuries. Gosh we’ve even seen campers being hired without any water supply or kitchenette. These particular tourist were not cooking on the road. They were eating out of tin cans… That is not your cup of tea, which is why you are looking for more.

Where price does matter is that an extra few dollars a day can buy you a lot of luxuries.

Campervan Hire Sydney Vehicles

For example an extra five dollars a day means a newer model of the same vehicle. Our Smartie campers for example come in standard or ultra editions. This means you could rent an older 2002 camper which is fine. Or just to be extra sure and avoid mechanical issues that could arise from an older camper you’ll get the newer model. The ultra on the other hand is a 2007-2010 camper. Same layout but less used. The kilometers on the vehicles speak for themselves. A lot of camper rental companies have done away with such older vehicles but you’ll get them from us much cheaper.

Ultimately, value for money is the name of the game.

Quickly learn what to expect. Ask all these questions:

  1. Does it have air-conditioning?
  2. Does it have a refrigerator?
  3. What size is the fuel tank?
  4. Do they have RACQ Road-side Assistance Australia wide?
  5. What is the insurance excess?
  6. How may I reduce the insurance excess?
  7. Are there extra cost for linen or an extra driver?
  8. How do they handle road tolls?
  9. Is the bond simply frozen on my account or taken out?
  10. Can they give me any discounts to local attractions?

You are looking for just three things: benefits, benefits, benefits!

Sydney Camper Seasons

What is the best time to hire a camper?

As a rule of thumb the spring months are best. Australia is a hot country after all.

You’ll find that prices also go up in summer too. This is because Europeans have most of their holidays at the same periods. So if you manage to get to Australia in August you’ll get a great deal because the weather is getting warmer and campervan companies aren’t getting much business. This means more competitive pricings per day.

campervan hire SydneyNew campervans are going for as little as $33.00 AUD per day in August.

It’s just so quiet you’ll be amazed with the offers. In contrast the period around Christmas to February is just really HOT. If you are travelling to the North of Australia, to places like Darwin or Cairns, then summer is going to be scorching!

On the other hand being in the southern parts of Australia during summer is lovely. Our recommendation is spend your spring up in Cairns, do some local work and then when it gets warmer towards October start your way down the coast towards Sydney.

Like any other peak season you’ll be in queues, standing in line and waiting to be served no matter what the service, from cafes to Sydney tours. But you’ll avoid the heat of the North, and have more chances at finding local work. On top of that don’t forget that Australia has a wet season so it will rain quite a bit up north. Thus, spend your summer campervan trip down South and soak up the amazing climate with friends.

Sydney Campervan Hire Freebies

Knowing where to sleep for free around Sydney

Some camper goers give the freedom of a campervan a bad name. They leave rubbish outside people’s houses, ruin public attractions and make a lot of noise.

Don’t get caught and become labeled as a disturbance. Make sure you move your vehicle frequently. Keep the area as peaceful as when you arrived. Pick up any rubbish and maybe even collect some local rubbish so it is cleaner than you found it. Make sure your vehicle is not dripping any oil. Be careful with flies and smelly trash in the bin. Smile and be friendly to locals and they might crack open a beer with you before you know it.

Most of our campervan hire Sydney customers have reported back that there are tons of free spaces to park and stay the night. We won’t give away our best spots online, so once you come into our Sydney office to pick up your camper we’ll point out the best spots. Some of those spots are at pristine beaches and next to serene rivers.

Even if you end up having ‘a few too many in town’ don’t worry. You won’t be arrested for parking your campervan overnight in the city. We have never heard of this ever happening seeing that Australia is a tourist free country. If police officers ever do tell you this spot isn’t allowed for sleeping the night they will only ask you to move on. You’ll soon become familiar with parks designed for local swimming, BBQ’s etc where there are public showers to rinse off and stay clean. They are quite easy to find. My personal favorite tip for staying clean is joining the local gym. If you want to stay fit and want to have a shower you’ll find that a local gym only cost about $16.00 a week in Australia. They’ll let you come in, do a little workout, shower in the morning and in the evening. Plus you’ll meet every day Australians who don’t gather at backpacker attractions.

You’ll sleep well because beachside parking would be ideal, but with beaches like Bondi the areas become crowded and local rangers clamp down on people using up parking spaces. Other beaches around Sydney are less restrictive and you’ll get away from the majority of tourists. Any of the beaches out of Sydney, heaving North up the coast offer nice spots for free parking. Some of them even have BBQ facilities you can use.

Alternatively try parking near a National Park. Sydney has plenty of green reserved areas, such as playing fields. You’ll pass by many of these and they often have showers.