Campervan Hire Sydney Memories of Gold

Hey friends, one of the most cost effective ways to enjoy your campervan trip is to get out there and experience the Australian wilderness first hand.

During your Sydney campervan hire trip make sure you read reviews about local camping grounds because some of them are truly amazing. For example the best ones are on paradise-like beach fronts, and you can park up for as little as $29.00 per night at a powered sight. Its picturesque, its romantic, its profound.

You’ll want to get a camper which includes a refrigerator because you’ll time. Constantly having to buy ice packs is a real nuisance. Powered sites supply you with power so you won’t need to drive around to recharge your batter. Try to plan your stays from one powered site to another. Yes there are free places to stay as well and your refrigerator battery will last days before the vehicle needs a major drive to charge it back up.

Your campervan hire Sydney supplier should offer you advice about the best places to stay and shop. Shopping tips are important because we highly recommend you ask about local butchers. Only locals know where the best ones are. Take your campervan for a little detour, stop at a butcher and stock up on quality meats for your stay at the beachfront camping grounds. This way you can enjoy the best cuts over your BBQ.

A lot of camping grounds supply wood or gas for their own stoves, so ask if this comes free, it would be a huge help so you can save your own gas for when you’re on the road.

Turn Your Campervan Trip Into Exploration

A lot of tourist focus on doing the ‘city things.’ Don’t be one of those tourist who drive from place to place only to take a selfie at a certain attraction before moving on. This kind of photo-snap tourism is not what Australian culture is all about. Take your time, stay at free places, find out what cool things there are to do. Here are two tips.

Firstly, wherever you go Aussie cities have a local newspaper called ‘Time Out.’ It features local events, such as concerts, art expos, aboriginal dance groups, wine tasting, cultural festivals and everything that could be fun to do. It’s published every two weeks. You’ll pay about five dollars for it and see all the free events.

Secondly one of the best things to do is visit the Wind Walks website. This cool website directs you to find varied bush walks and hiking areas. They cover where to find some of the must lush environments where you’ll see amazing Australian trees and wild life. Given how amazing Australian food is it might be a good idea to stop driving your camper for the day and burn some kilos around a few hills on a good hiking trip.

Who said that campervan hire Sydney suppliers don’t offer good advice?

Cheap Still Means Eating Well

Most people assume that budget travelling means you won’t eat well on the road. It’s just not true. There are tons of ways to make wholesome meals and stay healthy during travelling from city to city. You won’t have to rough it if you do yourself a favor and get a copy of the ‘Campervan Cookbook.’ Written by Martin Dorey this little gem shows you how to cook great meals on just two gas stove tops. Not only that Better Homes and Gardens has put out a book called ‘Make Ahead Meals.’ This one shows you how to prepare meals for keeping and travelling with. Brilliant living on the road.

And if you really want to spoil yourself take advantage of your cigarette lighter. No I don’t mean start a fire. I mean use the socket as a source of electricity for nothing less than a slow cooker. That’s right. Now you can really spoil yourself with meals.

The last little luxury you’ll want to take care of is your Iphone. Don’t forget your charging cable. And if you’re really into hiking then maybe grab one of those solar panels phone cases that charge your phone while you walk and catch some rays.

Campervan hire Sydney doesn’t need to be primitive. It sure can offer some small luxuries.

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