Campervan Melbourne Savings

Campervan hire Melbourne stays offer tons of things to do. This is an exciting area to visit. Your adventure begins by committing yourself to the full camper experience.

This may mean learning a few things, because let’s be clear at the outset: hiring a campervan is not meant to be an luxury experience. What it really represents is living freely on the road while still having a few comforts.

Campervan Melbourne like Fred Flintstone?

Time Out MelbourneTravelling in a camper isn’t meant to look like a Fred Flintstone kind of journey either. You won’t need to ‘rough it’ and live like wildlings. Your journey will be clean, boisterous and most of all spontaneous. Keep an eye and ear open for opportunities. Fellow travelers often know natural wonders you can enjoy nearby that are otherwise not highlighted as tourist attractions. The best thing is that in your camper if you like you’ll be able to simply stay, enjoy the scenery overnight on your way to Melbourne.

New to the area? No worries. Melbourne has a vital source of information where you’ll find out about trendy local events and gatherings. The Time Out magazine covers events such as art gatherings, graffiti competitions, Australian culture celebrations, concerts, local markets and more importantly FREE events to enjoy your stay.

The good news is that you can get Time Out for just four dollars.

Campervan hire Melbourne goers are known to park their campers side by side in certain locations, so once you figure out the going spots you’ll know exactly where to stay. Once there you’ll also find out about local events and how to best enjoy your stay.

Melbourne Campervan Hire Parking

Car-parks Have Become the Norm in Melbourne

Melbourne car parks have become illegal caravan parks for tourist who want to save money. But don’t worry, just because they are illegal doesn’t mean you will have any stress staying there. According to news reports some tourist have parked their campers at these sites and have been in the same spot for seven months!

Melbourne campervanYes police do leave notes asking people to leave, but with tourist coming and going it is hard to tell who has been there for how many days. In the finish authorities only warn people to move on but no real action is taken. Do not be worried when authorites leave a notice saying you have ‘three days to leave the car park.’ In the finish they do not know which of the many campervans parked have been there for longer. There are just too many campervan hire Melbourne vehicles parked up.

The best places to park near other campers is at Port Melbourne and St Kilda, where many travelers are seen cooking, brushing their teeth, and getting dressed in spaces next to the sea and in gardens. This is where you’ll get the best local tips about attractions.

Our advice is that if you really want to stay at car parks then consider the space in the back of your camper. Having a Hitop camper would be more suitable, especially if you prefer to change your clothes in the back of the vehicle for more privacy.

Amazing Things to Do in Melbourne

Melbourne Campervan Hire Means Greater Access

There are so many amazing things to see in your camper. Have your camera ready, from city sights to the country side Melbourne has it all.

Inside the city you’ll learn about Australian culture at the Melbourne museum. Plus this city is famous for its street graffiti which is supported by the government. Instead of art done in bad taste it has become a part of the city’s amazing features.

From Melbourne you can access the Great Ocean Road. There are many places to stay for free along the way, from beaches to secluded river–side resting spots. And yes you can drink the water from Australian rivers. It is fresh and great for swimming too. You’ll have easy access to Otway Tree Top Adventures, which is a skywalk in our natural forest.

If you want to see penguins they are as cute as you have always imagined. You can see them at Phillip Island Natural Park, which is just a cheap ferry ride away.

Feeling a little more humorous? Then drive your camper to Sovereign Hills and see the Goldfields exhibition. This themed attractions is designed to re-enact a wild west type adventure, with its cowboy type setting you’ll feel you’ve gone back in time.

Naturally the highlight attraction of this region are the 12 Apostles which is a MUST SEE. If you feel like a good walk take the 1km walk from there to the Gibson Steps, and be dwarfed by the 70 meter high cliff face next to the sea.

Melbourne Campervan Hire Preparations

Start Your Campervan Hire Melbourne Right

Now that you’ve figured out that there are cheap things to do, where all the fun things are around Melbourne you need to prepare for your journey. Make sure you understand everything about your hire vehicle before you start. Ask all the right questions.

campervan hire MelbourneHere are some questions you might forget with your campervan hire Melbourne trip:

  1. Where do I store water?
  2. How do I plug into a power source when at a camp site?
  3. Where is the spare tire and how do I change it?
  4. How do I check the oil/water levels of the engine?
  5. What is the best way to use the inside space?
  6. How do I set up the bed?
  7. What kind of fuel does the camper use?

All vehicles available for Melbourne campervan hire have different features. Smarties are different from Hitops. You’ll need to know the ins and outs of the vehicle because this will be your new home on the road. You don’t want to suddenly have to phone, asking ‘how do I use this?’ because its harder to receive instructions over the phone. Some areas in Australia have bad reception. It is a big country!

Once you feel confident there is but only one more thing to do.

Make sure you have a Go Via road toll e-pass. This will ensure that you pay your highway tolls at minimum price. With the Go Via pass you’ll only have to pay about $3.50 for each toll. Where as if they arrive by invoice the cost is over $16.00, plus the additional $75.00 fee from your camper supplier seeing that they have to transfer the toll into your name through the government. Three tolls could cost nearly three hundred dollars. So save yourself time and trouble by getting a Go Via pass.

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