Brisbane Campervan Hire Suppliers Need Money

Hi Top 1Campervan hire Brisbane companies are now starting to lower their prices at never before seen discount rates! The reason being? There are now 5 new companies on offer if you want to hire a campervan Brisbane now has the biggest range.

Now considering the number of camper suppliers already established the competition is now larger than ever before. What does this mean for you?

It means that many companies are going to have campers sitting in their yards. Desperate to move them out of the rain and prevent them from getting rusty they will rent them for nearly nothing. Well… not that extreme, but you get the idea.

The key here is to know when they’ll be desperate, by knowing the quiet seasons and knowing how to negotiate their prices down. In the quiet periods you have more leverage and your dollar is worth far more. You’ll have added negotiation power.


Cheap Brisbane Campervan Hire Seasons

When to Rent a Camper Brisbane

Campervan Brisbane suppliers are dead quite when there are not enough tourist to go around. All of the camper businesses chase the same customer. Its a cannibalistic price war where companies undercut each other, some barely making profit on their rentals.

Turn this to your advantage by choosing to hire a campervan during the quiet times.

The busy seasons are naturally when the weather is best.

This occurs during the Australian winter in the north. But down south in winter the situation gets cold. Summer in the south of Australia where the major cities are is much nicer. Up north it becomes too hot so sleeping in a camper might be unbearable.

So what is the best compromise? They key is to firstly avoid the Australian school holidays. That is when local Australians are looking to book as well as tourist. So at this end of the market spectrum the shift of power goes to rental companies.

For price shoppers this is important. Here are the seasons in all their glory:

  • Christmas. The most expensive. Everyone wants to have their new years celebration in Australia. Want to save money forget it?
  • Australian winter. Expensive. Europeans are all on holiday and flock to Australia.
  • Australian summer. Bad weather up north due to the wet season. But its CHEAP.
  • October/November. Here is your chance to get cheap and have fun.

That’s right. In October and November the European holiday season is over. That means when you arrive you’ll still catch some great weather. Down south is warming up. Up north its not yet too hot and not yet too rainy for a nice holiday. You will have a few rainy days, and you should use those days to see rainforest and waterfalls instead of desiring sunny beach days. You can’t go wrong.

Brisbane campervan hire prices really drop.

You’ll be able to not only get better deals but also show camper suppliers what kind of other deals you have been offered. During this time having a good offer provides huge leverage on getting the other camper you want.

Our Campervan Hire Brisbane Offer

So here it is. Send us any quotes you have from campervan Brisbane suppliers.

We match it with our best quote and there is a 90% chance we’ll beat any price!

What’s more we’ll show you the difference between the hire offers. Most people do not realise that the biggest difference lies in the excess covers!

Did you know that some zero excess offers actually are only truly a zero excess if the accident is not your fault? Read the small writing from the other suppliers. They might look CHEAP but they are not because as soon as you have an accident… guess what, you are paying the FULL damage price for the other vehicle that you smashed, as well as the full damage repair price for the camper you rented.

Imagine how much this cost if you cause a truck or Mercedes to crash!

So find out the full details. We’ll help inform you and get the best deal.

Contact us now at Totally Campers Brisbane to get a quote on your Brisbane camper.