Free Things to Do for Campervan Goers

Hey Brisbane Campervan friends!

Campervan hire Brisbane customers often miss out of these tips!

How do you have all the fun in Brisbane without having to pay?

If you have chosen to rent a campervan Brisbane can be expensive, so you’ll need to know what you can do for fun and how you can best save a few dollars in the process. You’ll want to park somewhere, preferably for free, and from that location access the best attractions of Brisbane.

Firstly, the key to unlocking Brisbane is getting a copy of Time Out Magazine.

It cost just five dollars and it highlights upcoming trendy local events in Brisbane.

As a campervan renter you’ll be able to park nearby. Yes, enjoy a wee drink, and need not worry about catching a taxi back for sleeping. Your camper can be parked near to the event location and you’ll get a good night sleep. And yes there are tons of free places to park in Brisbane city. Camper goers tend to stick together as these places.

4 Berth 1First of all you need to experience a truly Australian delight: rugby.

Brisbane is home to the Suncorp Stadium where you can see the All Blacks and several other international teams play against Australia. You haven’t been to Australia unless you’ve seen a game of rugby so why not see the best?

Park your camper nearby you are allowed to drink beer!

Suddenly you’re glad you decided to hire a campervan Brisbane.

Now for the best free things to do!

Camper holiday makers prefer to save money. That’s why you have a camper.

These fun and amazing things to do in Brisbane will really lift your spirits.

Firstly, visit Mount Coot-Tha Botanic Gardens. You’ll get fresh air, see lovely lush Australian greenery and what’s more the air is cool. Secondly if you’re from another country people watching is always fun in Australia! YOu can head down to the Davies Park Markets to get cheap items, snacks and enjoy Aussie fruit.

My personal favorite free thing to do in Australia; get your giggle on with Knockoff. The Knockoff is a powerhouse comedy show, featuring local Brisbane talent. It is the perfect welcome to how Australians really see the world with their funny takes on life.

A lot of campervan folks miss this next great tip. Did you know you don’t have to pay to have a Barbeque in Brisbane? Yep, that’s right, you can drive up to Kangaroo Point. You’ll the best view of Brisbane, enjoy the cliffs with a rock climbing class and at the top of the cliff you can secure one of the BBQ cookers. The sunsets here are enchanting!

On your way out of Brisbane you can drive North to Sunshine Beach. The scene of many Australian TV shows, this beach, despite having touristy areas all around it still retains its laid back atmosphere. You can even go surfing!

Campervan Hire Brisbane

Now that you’re interested in finding out more about hiring a camper in Brisbane read this article to find out how to get the best prices. As you can see our local knowledge is great, but there are many pitfalls when hiring a camper in Australia.

Campervan hire Brisbane prices get very competitive. That is a fact.

They key is to know when to hire. Timing is everything.

There are busy seasons and quite seasons. During busy times campervan hire prices skyrocket. After all everyone wants one, and demand means that suppliers can start charging higher prices when everyone is after the same camper.

Conversely when times are quiet prices drop. This is the time to get a discount on campervan rentals. After all, it is during this time that THEY want YOUR money!

On the other hand the weather is generally bad during the quiet times.

So the key is also to know when you can get a discount, and also enjoy good weather.

Its far too hot and rainy in the wet season up north. But for the rest of Australia the weather is beautiful down south. A campervan needs to have good air conditioning at this time. But in winter you’ll need heating when heading down south.

If summer is too hot and winter is too expensive, when is the time to hire a campervan from Brisbane, travelling to places like Sydney or Cairns?

The fact of the matter is spring is the best time. Before Christmas campervan suppliers are very quiet and don’t get much business. All the tourist have left in August. So September and October are just quiet seasons. The suppliers are waiting for the Christmas season to kick in. You can bet that December is going to be expensive!

That is why you should hire a camper in October & November.

You’ll be able to haggle the prices down. You’ll be able to show offers from other campervan hire companies and let them compete for your business. You could even get a great camper for as little as forty dollars a day!

Contact us now to get your quote. We are willing to help.