Starting Your Cairns Campervan Hire Right

Here are a few tips to help you get ready for your campervan holiday. If you are doing Cairns campervan hire and plan to travel down the coast there are some important bits of information you need. But first, even before leaving, understand your vehicle.

The key is that when you pick up the camper make sure you ASK ALL THE QUESTIONS. If there is anything, absolutely anything you want to know, make sure you ask before leaving; because once you’re on the road its too late.

Asking about how to use anything on your camper could prove more difficult than you think while on the road. There will be traffic distractions, and even possibly a bad connection due to being so far away.

It could get frustrating as you try to figure out how your camper works, even if its something simple like moving the front seats forwards to make room for extra sleeping space. Or what about finding all the points to plug your camper in to charge up the batteries? You’ll do this at a caravan park but need to know where to find sockets.Angle 1

Or what about how to use the gas stove? Did you know there is a water pump?

Essentially there are things you need to know.

Most important Cairns to Sydney journeys could be tricky.

Did you know that the Cairns area has nothing in the way of toll charges? The highways are totally free of charge. Yet with Cairns campervan hire to Sydney you’ll most likely pass through cities like Brisbane and Melbourne on your way to Sydney.

Going into major cities and out of them incurs road toll fees.

You can’t just drive around and not pay them. They only cost around three dollars to pay.

But if you don’t pay them the government will send the toll invoice to Totally Campers, and then we will have to charge you $75.00 in order to place the toll into your name. On top of that the government will now send you the toll, to your own country, and they will find you. By the time the toll charge reaches you it will cost around $65.00 more.

Many campervan journeys often end up getting around 5 to 7 tolls after completing theri journey. This could potentially cost you around $400.00 on top of your holiday!

But, there is good news. There is a way around this. All you need to do is get a Go Via pass, and this will automatically charge your credit card the initial $3.50 free for each toll, saving you lots of time and stress. So you’ll need one before starting your trip.

In the finish you’ll be glad you got your Go Via pass and asked all the right questions at the start of your journey. You’ll have a seamless campervan holiday, with a life time of memories you enjoyed.

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