Understanding the Problem of Budget Campervan Hire

Hello Brisbane Camper Customers.

The cheapest campervan hire Brisbane deals are now on offer. The difference in competition however is not only going to be based on pricing. It ‘looks like’ a price war is happening, but you have to ask: do you want to drive a campervan that barely runs and is falling apart? Or do you want a camper that cost about the same price but has all the mod cons? This is exactly what is happening with motorhome hire Brisbane offers.

Quality is being slashed but the price does not speak for itself.

When hiring a camper be sure to inform yourself about what kind of facilities have been installed into the camper. A campervan kitchenette is an essential luxury, but that’s not all. What about sleeping space? Storage space? Insurance risk?

If you rent campervan cheap Brisbane deals often turn sour. Why? Because of all the hidden cost. Due to legal reasons we are not able to name our competitors. But we are aware that some of the insurance excess covers are not all they seem to be.

Campervan hire insurance often is proclaimed to be ‘zero excess.’ BUT its NOT!

Split Hitops Reduced

campervan hire Brisbane

Often this zero excess has tricky terms and conditions on camper rentals.

For example, if the accident is your fault, you are no longer covered. Or even worse, if you damage another vehicle and the accident is your fault; then you are liable for the FULL COST of repairing the second vehicle!!! Ouch!

Just imagine the implications if you cause a truck to crash on the highway or smash an expensive car like a Mercedes. Renting a campervan from Brisbane to Cairns means you’ll be travelling on Australian highways where all the action happens.

There are kangaroos and the famous Australian trucks, known as ‘road trains.’

If you hire a campervan Queensland is a great place to enjoy a long drive.

But because its such a hot state of Australia your campervan better come equipped with a refrigerator. So getting a cheaper deal might mean losing the luxuries.

This is not to say that our campers are more expensive. Our task, regardless of which campervan hire from Brisbane deal you take, is to inform you of our market.

Budget hire campervan Brisbane deals are where all the problems happen. Companies that are able to offer such cheap camper hire deals (dirt cheap means dirty) also cut costs down that you do not see. What if your campervan is not covered with Road Side Assistance, such as with RACQ road side cover? Our campers are all on-fleet with RACQ, which means no matter where you get stuck in Australia, if you were to have any mechanical problems you know they’ll come to the rescue.

Some private campervan hire deals are on offer. These private operators have six to ten vehicles on average and rent them out at very cheap prices. As usual these deals are too good to be true. Get stuck with a mechanical problem? Guess what, you’re on your own.

Be sure to find out about which campers have the best facilities and extras.

Know the full package, know the full risks. You’ll get the best campervan Brisbane here.