Expect the Best When Hiring a Hitop Camper

Brisbane Hitop Campervan Tips

Hello Brisbane customers.

Time to get ready for your campervan holiday and experience freedom and your leisure.

There have been a lot of questions lately concerning the whole package included with the rental of a hitop campervan. Firstly, you can pick up your campervan Brisbane airport is actually only a short taxi drive away. You’ll check in to pick up your campervan and the pick up shouldn’t take long, see that you have already paid for your campervan.

Indeed most camper hire Australia wide companies require payment seven days before picking up. Normally you’ll either pay online before pick up, or you’ll send through your credit card details on a credit card authorisation form. The essential thing is to have enough funds because the bond will be either charged as an authorisation to your card or charged as a deposit which will be refunded when you return the campervan.

Different camper rentals offer different bonds and excess systems.

Hi Top 3You’ll always have to choose between buying a second hand camper from brisbane motorhome auctions where prices are quite good when it comes to buying your own campervan. The key here is that when you buy a hitop campervan you can always sell it and hopefully make your money back during the sale. That is the ultimate plan.

This means that going Brisbane to Cairns by campervan is actually free!

There are tons of special deals out there. Britz Brisbane campervan deals are often very attractive because the vehicles are known to be of top quality. With quality comes price however and the range of hitop hire Australia deals vary, so that the less you pay the lower the quality is, until you pay so little you’re hiring a lemon on wheels…

Inside the hitop you’ll always get a refrigerator. Make sure its included or you are just paying for more space to stand in, which is the only basic luxury this camper offers as a vehicle. With a Brisbane hitop hire vehicle you’ll be getting all the mod cons.

A Brisbane hitop campervan should include:

  • Airconditioning in the back.
  • Auxiliary battery to power the facilities.
  • Microwave oven.
  • Cooking oven running on gas.
  • Two beds for sleeping.
  • Tables / Chairs / Linen

Hitops are all about getting more mod cons. You’ll have more storage. They even come in five seater models so be sure to ask about how many seatbelts are equipped as well as the size of the beds. Most campervan hire companies will not share this information unless asked. You don’t want to hire a camper from Brisbane to Cairns and not fit in your bed!

We recommend taking a look at the photos of our Brisbane hitop campervan models HERE. You can see they Have lots of space, are very tidy and professionally fitted. The greatest thing about these vehicles is the ability to just rest on the bed, and open the back to let the ocean breeze gently blow into your camper as you relax next to the sea with a perfect view.

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