Camper Hire Brisbane Price Wars

The situation with campervan hire Brisbane prices is changing. With so many new campervan hire companies being established it is no wonder that competition is getting strong. For you, as the customer, this is good news.

3With everyone camper hire brand vetting for the same customer a price war has begun. So get busy online and start getting quotes. Show companies other quotes you have and watch them balk, as they are forced to lower their prices.

Campervan hire has a limited supply of customers. Now you have the power.

Once you’ve decided on which supplier to go with you’ll want to make sure you get the most out of your rental as well as knowing how to fully operate the vehicle.

Imagine being in a bad reception area and your mobile phone is breaking up, at this time it might be critical because you’ll want instructions in how to change a tire, or do something like replace the gas tank for the cooking stove in your kitchenette.

At Totally Campers we are always willing to help if you call us. Some places in Australia are remote however. Reception might not be clear. So make sure you ask all the right questions, and inform yourself about all of the campervans’ facilities.

So, before you hire a campervan Brisbane customers need to ask:

  1. How do I change the camper’s gas tank?
  2. Do I get it refilled or replace the tank at a station?
  3. Where do I check the oil level?
  4. How do I run the facilities to save power?
  5. How do you recharge the auxiliary battery?
  6. Do you have RACQ road side assistance?
  7. What are some important Australian driving tips?

Once you’re on the road you won’t regret spending just another ten minutes at the camper pick up location at our Brisbane Office in North Gate. You’ll feel more confident for it.

Cheap Campervan Hire Brisbane Tips

Now that you’re on the road you’ll need to make sure you save money along the way.

Firstly your major expense is going to be fuel. Did you know there are mobile apps that give you live information about where to find the cheapest fuel near you?

The app details price comparisons. Often these gas stations are only two minutes off from the highway and are very easy to reach in your camper. For people who want a cheap campervan hire Brisbane deal you’ll feel like you’ve ‘made a steal’ once you look back and realize that you have saved a good $400.00 just on fuel!

The other money saving tip is to buy meat and things in bulk. Talk to other campervan renters around the country where you stop. They might want to buy some beer or meat like you. Ask if you can head down together, buy a bigger amount and split the price.

You’ll end up with more beer, more meet and save money on essentials like wine.

Make sure you also Google free gas BBQ stoves around Queensland. From Brisbane to Cairns there are lots free gas cookers where you can cook outdoors for free. The gas is free and all you need to do is bring your meat and veggies and clean up afterwards.

Camperv Hire Should Be Fun

Between saving money, doing little missions for cheap fuel, and meeting others to split cost on bulk meats and beer you’ll be having a true campervan experience.

Hiring a camper in Australia means meeting people, seeing natural wonders and enjoying the fresh air. You’ll wake up in the morning in paradise, have your own meals. You can park practically anywhere in Australia and not have to pay for camping grounds.

When you rent a campervan in Brisbane the journey doesn’t need to be 100% planned. Its all about being spontaneous, connecting with people and discovering Australia.

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