Cairns Campervan Hire Secrets

So, you’re saving money already by hiring a campervan. Well done.

The BIG question is: where else can you save money when visiting Cairns?

Your adventure in Cairns will be great, but how affordable? The good news is that there are lots free things to do. Plus visiting the best attractions can be done cheaply.

Here’s how to ramp up your campervan hire Cairns adventure.

The first local tip to be aware of concerns campervan grounds. In the Cairns area there are lots of places to park your camper and sleep the night. It is not always necessary to pay for a caravan park seeing that as a city we love tourist. You will not be punished for parking in the city or even along the Esplanade where all the action happens. Many campers find themselves parked on the near to the free shower facilities. Plus gas BBQ ovens are free.2

So not only will you be able to cook your meals under sheltered areas, you’ll also be able to shower and enjoy a nice stroll in the evenings as the sun goes down by the waterside. Cairns customers seem to flock together, as camper renters park nearby to each other which offers security and you’ll even make a few friends.

Your campervan hire Cairns community will probably BBQ together at the free area. During the day you’ll relax at the Lagoon, swim in the free pool and there is even a little beach where you can lay down a towel to catch your tan or read a good book. On weekends they have a market you can enjoy and on Sundays they have music where bands set up and offer free music.

If hanging out at a real beach is for you then you can stay out at Ellis beach and there are lots of free campervan areas next to the sea where you can park and stay the night.

Once you are ready to pay for a few attractions you’ll find that the best ones are affordable and you can often sleep somewhere nearby in your quite Cairns camper rental. If this is your first time in a camper then don’t worry. Totally Campers will explain how a camper works and will point out the best things to see to help you enjoy all the best sights.

Those of you staying in Cairns will just love it. We recommend doing a few days up in the Tablelands. Especially if you like food or wine tasting. Drive to Mareeba and get a few bottles of local mango wine and try the dragon fruit liquors which are a dream. As you make your way around you’ll be able to swim in amazing lakes like Lake Eacham and also stay at various camping grounds. The local faces are friendly and truly Aussie.

Without doubt you’ll see the Great Barrier Reef and you can actually do that for about $90.00, which comes to around 73 Euros. Make sure that you take your own lunch or that the tour includes a meal, some of them don’t! Visiting Cape Tribulation is also a MUST SEE.

If you get the chance enjoy a few bush walks then there are several to undertake for the more adventurous.

So for your campervan Cairns experience there is no need for expensive hotels, nor to spend much money in the area. Every campervan comes fitted with a kitchenette & gas cooking stove. An esky cools your food and if you take a Hi Top you’ll even get a refrigerator that has a freezer inside. There is even a Woolworths supermarket on Abbott street, just one street behind the Esplanade in the city, so you can buy all the groceries you need.

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If you are not totally convinced about why you might want to hire a campervan in Cairns then read this article in order to fully soak in the full benefits for yourself:

  1. There are many local companies that offer budget campervan hire vehicles and have a range of vehicles to choose from. Always ask them about their budget models because if you are only driving around the Cairns area and not heading down the coast they might have a special vehicle just for you.
  2. Cairns campervan hire companies have great local knowledge and will inform you about which Barrier Reef tours and local sights are worth seeing. Unlike tour booking desks or offices they are not out to get your money because they don’t get commissions and therefore offer the most beneficial advice to you.
  3. If you are looking for cheap campervan hire Cairns deals then make sure you get a few quotes and show the campervan companies what other deals you have been offered, as they will try to match that price. Local business is great like that and businesses are always willing to make sure you get the best deals.
  4. Certainly camper hire specialists will make you an offer that really makes sense for your budget. You’ll be able to get a side by side comparison of what local hotels cost and then add to that the price of local car hire. Even if you were to stay at a backpacker hostel you’re still saving money on a camper. With freedom to sleep wherever you want you can’t go wrong.
  5. Less junk food! You bet, one of the best things about travelling around Cairns on a budget and driving around in a camper is that you won’t have to eat junk food. You’ll have your own kitchenette and many tourist enjoy cooking on the local gas BBQ stoves which are entirely FREE! You won’t have to pay for gas and all you need to do is bring your food and clean afterwards. The facilities are clean and the gas stoves are at beautiful locations, including the Esplanade and Northern Beaches such as Palm Cove. This way you’ll always be eating well.

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Be Careful With Highway Tolls in Australia

Don’t get caught. It will cost a lot of money if you don’t follow these instructions before you travel.

At the end of the holiday you want to look back and say you had a great time.

BUT there is one thing that can really ruin your holiday at the end. You might receive administration charges made to your credit card and fines in Australia because you didn’t organize to pay for highway tolls as you travel.

No, Australian highways are not free. And this means you need to prepare yourself BEFORE you cross the toll points.

How annoying can they be? A $75.00 charge is processed to your credit card for every toll, and that is just for the administration fee.

So if you get as many as 5 tolls this can come to $375.00! And this is just the administration fees. You still need to pay the tolls!

Australian tolls are automatic. A photo of your vehicle will be digitally stored by our government. Because the vehicle was hired in your name these tolls will be forwarded to you overseas. They will find you. Often campervan companies will take the administration fees out of your bond.

Fortunately there is a way to avoid all this trouble

Why is the admin fee set so high at $75.00? It’s because your toll needs to be matched to your record, and then your contract needs to be retrieved from a rented file storage facility, a statutory declaration needs to be completed and signed by the vehicle owner declaring they were not the driver, further a justice of the peace needs to co-sign the document. Lastly it needs to be sent onto the government who then forwards the toll to you in your country.

The Go Via Video Account is your Ultimate Solution

The good news is that there is a solution that can cover you. It’s called the Go Via Video Account. All you need to do is complete the online order form and sign up for your pass. The pass serves to connect the vehicle to your credit card so that you can automatically be charged for any tolls points you pass through wile driving on Australian roads. A video is filmed of your vehicle and the registration is matched to your name. You set the start date and end date for the duration of your campervan hire. This way you are covered and avoid expensive administration fees both from your campervan supplier and the government as well. And don’t be fooled! The Australian Government will find you in your own country. Expensive!

There are a number of options to apply for a Video e-PASS. If you’d like more information before you apply, please click here.