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You can jump right ahead and get your campervan hire Sydney offer right here.

See the campers on offer. Don’t waste time reading about our local tips here.

Sydney is one of the most interesting places to hire a camper. Plus it is easily the most competitive. The thing to remember is that prices will be competitive and companies are willing to match each other’s offer. So make sure you get a few quotes.

Show other camper companies what you got. Make life easy by focusing on two companies in particular and you’ll find that you’ll also start to form relationships with the staff. They’ll get to recognize your face and use the carrot on the stick approach to get a better discount. Just be honest and tell them you are comparing prices. It’s no big secret so there is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact saying you are comparing prices right now plays to your side, as after all they will work harder to try and catch your business.

Cheap campervan Sydney deals don’t always mean better.

If you don’t mind roughing it a bit then go with the cheapest. Some people can live without luxuries. Gosh we’ve even seen campers being hired without any water supply or kitchenette. These particular tourist were not cooking on the road. They were eating out of tin cans… That is not your cup of tea, which is why you are looking for more.

Where price does matter is that an extra few dollars a day can buy you a lot of luxuries.

Campervan Hire Sydney Vehicles

For example an extra five dollars a day means a newer model of the same vehicle. Our Smartie campers for example come in standard or ultra editions. This means you could rent an older 2002 camper which is fine. Or just to be extra sure and avoid mechanical issues that could arise from an older camper you’ll get the newer model. The ultra on the other hand is a 2007-2010 camper. Same layout but less used. The kilometers on the vehicles speak for themselves. A lot of camper rental companies have done away with such older vehicles but you’ll get them from us much cheaper.

Ultimately, value for money is the name of the game.

Quickly learn what to expect. Ask all these questions:

  1. Does it have air-conditioning?
  2. Does it have a refrigerator?
  3. What size is the fuel tank?
  4. Do they have RACQ Road-side Assistance Australia wide?
  5. What is the insurance excess?
  6. How may I reduce the insurance excess?
  7. Are there extra cost for linen or an extra driver?
  8. How do they handle road tolls?
  9. Is the bond simply frozen on my account or taken out?
  10. Can they give me any discounts to local attractions?

You are looking for just three things: benefits, benefits, benefits!

Sydney Camper Seasons

What is the best time to hire a camper?

As a rule of thumb the spring months are best. Australia is a hot country after all.

You’ll find that prices also go up in summer too. This is because Europeans have most of their holidays at the same periods. So if you manage to get to Australia in August you’ll get a great deal because the weather is getting warmer and campervan companies aren’t getting much business. This means more competitive pricings per day.

campervan hire SydneyNew campervans are going for as little as $33.00 AUD per day in August.

It’s just so quiet you’ll be amazed with the offers. In contrast the period around Christmas to February is just really HOT. If you are travelling to the North of Australia, to places like Darwin or Cairns, then summer is going to be scorching!

On the other hand being in the southern parts of Australia during summer is lovely. Our recommendation is spend your spring up in Cairns, do some local work and then when it gets warmer towards October start your way down the coast towards Sydney.

Like any other peak season you’ll be in queues, standing in line and waiting to be served no matter what the service, from cafes to Sydney tours. But you’ll avoid the heat of the North, and have more chances at finding local work. On top of that don’t forget that Australia has a wet season so it will rain quite a bit up north. Thus, spend your summer campervan trip down South and soak up the amazing climate with friends.

Sydney Campervan Hire Freebies

Knowing where to sleep for free around Sydney

Some camper goers give the freedom of a campervan a bad name. They leave rubbish outside people’s houses, ruin public attractions and make a lot of noise.

Don’t get caught and become labeled as a disturbance. Make sure you move your vehicle frequently. Keep the area as peaceful as when you arrived. Pick up any rubbish and maybe even collect some local rubbish so it is cleaner than you found it. Make sure your vehicle is not dripping any oil. Be careful with flies and smelly trash in the bin. Smile and be friendly to locals and they might crack open a beer with you before you know it.

Most of our campervan hire Sydney customers have reported back that there are tons of free spaces to park and stay the night. We won’t give away our best spots online, so once you come into our Sydney office to pick up your camper we’ll point out the best spots. Some of those spots are at pristine beaches and next to serene rivers.

Even if you end up having ‘a few too many in town’ don’t worry. You won’t be arrested for parking your campervan overnight in the city. We have never heard of this ever happening seeing that Australia is a tourist free country. If police officers ever do tell you this spot isn’t allowed for sleeping the night they will only ask you to move on. You’ll soon become familiar with parks designed for local swimming, BBQ’s etc where there are public showers to rinse off and stay clean. They are quite easy to find. My personal favorite tip for staying clean is joining the local gym. If you want to stay fit and want to have a shower you’ll find that a local gym only cost about $16.00 a week in Australia. They’ll let you come in, do a little workout, shower in the morning and in the evening. Plus you’ll meet every day Australians who don’t gather at backpacker attractions.

You’ll sleep well because beachside parking would be ideal, but with beaches like Bondi the areas become crowded and local rangers clamp down on people using up parking spaces. Other beaches around Sydney are less restrictive and you’ll get away from the majority of tourists. Any of the beaches out of Sydney, heaving North up the coast offer nice spots for free parking. Some of them even have BBQ facilities you can use.

Alternatively try parking near a National Park. Sydney has plenty of green reserved areas, such as playing fields. You’ll pass by many of these and they often have showers.

Get Your Camper Holiday Right

Find out more about campervan hire Cairns for newbies in this article. Interestingly quite a large number of travellers are hiring a campervan for their first time. This may be due to the amazing savings you get while cutting out on expensive hotels and restaurants. Simply put campers mean a great holiday that doesn’t break the bank.

Something really special happens on campervan holidays. Your experience will lead to amazing connections and most of all spontaneous fun. You’ll see things that most people going on those ‘expensive tours’ won’t get to see. You’ll be able to access areas in Australia that are off the beaten track. Sleeping in serene locations means more exposure to Australia’s wildlife. Several customers report seeing large birds, such as emus or cassowaries, and of course there will be moments where animals decide its you who are intruding their personal space. And this is where it gets interesting…

campervan hire CairnsIt’s the unexpected that a campervan trip promises to deliver.

You’ll gather magical moments and create memories, later saying ‘Do you remember that time…’ when something happened, good or bad, involving moments of tears and joy.

So for new comers to the great campervan experience welcome.

This website is not only a feature for cheap campervan hire Cairns deals. It’s also a valuable resource for quiet reading and informing yourself about the ins and outs of how to make the most of your holiday. At the end of the holiday most customers agree they had a great time and they are glad they jumped in and committed to getting a camper.

Cairns Know How

Campervan Hire Cairns Companies Need RACQ

Relying on ‘Australian folklore’ is the way to go. You’ll find you’re never alone in Australia as people are friendly and willing to help. So its best not to just stick together in your camper and remain just strangers. Get out and get to know Australians.

First of all don’t believe campervan hire companies directly. Instead seek out tour agents. Many of them don’t take commissions from local camper hire. They have bigger fish to fry. Just ask them which company offers the cheapest Cairns campervan hire. They’ll direct you to the right one. They are always in the know.

Split HitopsNext approach the cheapest they pointed out and one other to compare prices. Remember price is not everything. Security is important too. You’ll want to know that when you’re on the road you’re covered. Ask if the camper rental company has RACQ road-side assistance. Their vehicles should be ‘on an RACQ fleet.’ This means that no matter where you are this road side assistance service can help you out, for mechanical problems or even just a flat tyre. You never known what might happen.

The only way to really gauge how well a camper rental company will respond is through gauging how pleasant they are during conversation. So make sure to get exhaustive knowledge about the Cairns region and what hot spots to see. The more helpful they are in our opinion indicates how helpful they will be when you need it most. You don’t want to be stuck on the side of the road, broken down with a smoking engine.

Cairns Campervan Hire Photos

Embrace the Hippie Spirit

In a day and age populated by an ever growing trend of ‘hipsters’ its even more important to really be authentic. Not ‘look at me I am so authentic’ in the hipster fashion. I mean really genuine about your experience. There will be ups and downs, and cheap campervan hire isn’t supposed to look like a fashion shoot.

Let yourself get dirty. Let your hair look bazaar. Get out of your camper and spring down the beach. Light a fire next to the sea. You’ll feel truly free from the restrictions of normal living. This is what a camper should bring. A true sense of freedom.

This is why one of our number one tips for life on the road is PHOTOS, PHOTOS, PHOTOS! There will be no better chance to catch the moment other than NOW.

Split 4 BerthsA campervan isn’t meant to be glamorous. It’s a back packer and cheap traveller lifestyle.

So wear that silly character like a badge of honour.

Don’t believe me such an embrace is going to feel fantastic? Try this… as soon as you start your camper just get out your Iphone and play the Scooby Doo song from YouTube. You’ll be amazed at what kind of atmosphere arises in the air.

The key is to get a little crazy. Imagine coming back home with photos showing you in a camper with a small outdoor fire and a hotpot. Or why not put up your feet at a local campsite next to a river. You’ll be amazed at how many places you are actually allowed to just camp in the wild. As anyone European can tell you its illegal to camp in natural environments. You just don’t have the same freedom overseas. Whereas here in Australia just ask any local for a good spot and they’ll indicate several that are just a few minutes drive away. There are tons of rivers and waterfalls you can access.

When in the city you can actually camp near the waterside on the Esplanade.

There are even showers and BBQ stations for cooking. The gas is even free!

Cairns Campervan Hire Cheap Seasons

Europeans are the mainstay of the campervan market. This is why demand for campers rises in certain months and drops when Europeans head back to work. There are common themes that bring them over to Australia. University semesters and school holidays coincide with each other. So young holiday goers and families travel alike during the busy season, and you can bet campervan Cairns prices go up at these times.

This means you need to be aware of busy seasons and quiet seasons. You’ll be able to take advantage of the quite times when Cairns suppliers are willing to bend over backwards just to keep their vehicles on the road. You can always reason with them and say; ‘Hey at least its not sitting there collecting dust,’ during such times. Although not typical for Australians having a go at haggling the price down is healthy. It maintains a healthy price economy between competitors and customer fairness.

So what are you waiting for? The Cairns weather is amazing, the people are friendly and there are tons of places you can park up for free. You’ll be living the dream, swimming in the sea and getting a good tan. Jumping in and renting a camper with your buddies will give you the memories of a lifetime. You’ll have no regrets.

So join us at Totally Campers and get a price quotation now.

Campervan Hire Sydney Memories of Gold

Hey friends, one of the most cost effective ways to enjoy your campervan trip is to get out there and experience the Australian wilderness first hand.

During your Sydney campervan hire trip make sure you read reviews about local camping grounds because some of them are truly amazing. For example the best ones are on paradise-like beach fronts, and you can park up for as little as $29.00 per night at a powered sight. Its picturesque, its romantic, its profound.

You’ll want to get a camper which includes a refrigerator because you’ll time. Constantly having to buy ice packs is a real nuisance. Powered sites supply you with power so you won’t need to drive around to recharge your batter. Try to plan your stays from one powered site to another. Yes there are free places to stay as well and your refrigerator battery will last days before the vehicle needs a major drive to charge it back up.

Your campervan hire Sydney supplier should offer you advice about the best places to stay and shop. Shopping tips are important because we highly recommend you ask about local butchers. Only locals know where the best ones are. Take your campervan for a little detour, stop at a butcher and stock up on quality meats for your stay at the beachfront camping grounds. This way you can enjoy the best cuts over your BBQ.

A lot of camping grounds supply wood or gas for their own stoves, so ask if this comes free, it would be a huge help so you can save your own gas for when you’re on the road.

Turn Your Campervan Trip Into Exploration

A lot of tourist focus on doing the ‘city things.’ Don’t be one of those tourist who drive from place to place only to take a selfie at a certain attraction before moving on. This kind of photo-snap tourism is not what Australian culture is all about. Take your time, stay at free places, find out what cool things there are to do. Here are two tips.

Firstly, wherever you go Aussie cities have a local newspaper called ‘Time Out.’ It features local events, such as concerts, art expos, aboriginal dance groups, wine tasting, cultural festivals and everything that could be fun to do. It’s published every two weeks. You’ll pay about five dollars for it and see all the free events.

Secondly one of the best things to do is visit the Wind Walks website. This cool website directs you to find varied bush walks and hiking areas. They cover where to find some of the must lush environments where you’ll see amazing Australian trees and wild life. Given how amazing Australian food is it might be a good idea to stop driving your camper for the day and burn some kilos around a few hills on a good hiking trip.

Who said that campervan hire Sydney suppliers don’t offer good advice?

Cheap Still Means Eating Well

Most people assume that budget travelling means you won’t eat well on the road. It’s just not true. There are tons of ways to make wholesome meals and stay healthy during travelling from city to city. You won’t have to rough it if you do yourself a favor and get a copy of the ‘Campervan Cookbook.’ Written by Martin Dorey this little gem shows you how to cook great meals on just two gas stove tops. Not only that Better Homes and Gardens has put out a book called ‘Make Ahead Meals.’ This one shows you how to prepare meals for keeping and travelling with. Brilliant living on the road.

And if you really want to spoil yourself take advantage of your cigarette lighter. No I don’t mean start a fire. I mean use the socket as a source of electricity for nothing less than a slow cooker. That’s right. Now you can really spoil yourself with meals.

The last little luxury you’ll want to take care of is your Iphone. Don’t forget your charging cable. And if you’re really into hiking then maybe grab one of those solar panels phone cases that charge your phone while you walk and catch some rays.

Campervan hire Sydney doesn’t need to be primitive. It sure can offer some small luxuries.

Contact us at Totally Campers to book your Sydney trip.

Get a Hitop for Your Cairns Campervan Hire

The mighty Hitop. There is no better vehicle for touring around in your camper. If you are going to spend a lot of time travelling around, why not go the extra mile and do it in style? And what’s more, why not get a bit more leg room?

Fact of the matter is, the majority of people travelling go around travelling in twos. Whether its two best friends. A girlfriend and boyfriend. Husband and wife. Best mates do the Australian journey together. Best mates stay close along the way.

Now if you want to go with budget campervan hire you won’t have to cut the hitop out of your budget. There is absolutely no reason why a hitop should be out of your reach, whatever age your lifestyle you hail from.

This being the case, make sure you get quotes on these four types of models:

  1. Budget Smartie.
  2. Smartie Ultra.
  3. Budget Hitop.
  4. Hitop Deluxe.

You might be surprised just how affordable the budget hitop is. The budget Smarties and Hitops are 2002 model vehicles. They have some miles on them but they drive well and have all the same features, such as air-conditioning. The budget and deluxe hitops both have refrigerators. The Smartie Ultra like the Hitop Deluxe are 2010 models.

So if you are worried about price go for the Budget Hitop. You’ll get all the space at the price of what some people pay for a normal sized camper. This is going to be great, especially if its raining, or if you prefer to put on your clothes standing inside.

The extra bonus is that the hitops have a microwave. You’ll get a gas stove for cooking, and you can reheat using the microwave. The refrigerator means cool fresh food. If I were you I would also go ahead and grab a copy of a popular book that really helps you in this department titled ‘The Campervan Cookbook,’ now available on This little ripper will show you how to cook wonders on two gas stove elements.

During a trip having the refrigerator is a life saver! It gets hot up here in Cairns. If you have decided to visit before Christmas even more so.

You’ll want cool beer or wine. Meat for cooking. Whereas the Smartie only has an esky to keep things cool, so you’ll always need to top up on ice from gas stations. How annoying. So in every way a hitop camper means more luxuries as well as more space.

If you are like me you’ll probably be travelling in a larger group. So instead of hiring two Smartie campers you can instead get a hitop.

Cairns campervan hire hitop vehicles DO IT ALL.

The third or fourth person obviously can’t sleep inside the hitop and that is not a problem. You can get a small fold out tent for just  twenty dollars. They fit one or two people and are really small and designed just for sleeping.

So instead of getting the full 4 Berth Motorhome, which though we do offer, you’ll be able to travel with four people easily and have sleeping space for all. You’ll end up paying about twenty dollars each per day, give or take depending on the time of year. Instead of paying up to $170.00 per day for the 4 Berth you’ll be on the road knowing you’ve save money by choosing to go with a cheap campervan hire Cairns hitop.

Inquire now to find out about a Cairns hitop camper:

Totally Campers is a supplier for campervans in major cities such as Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Cairns. Our head office is in Cairns Nth QLD right in the city. It is located only an eight minute drive from the airport. You’ll find our head office is friendly and willing to answer any questions should you wish to know anything about your camper. We recommend beginning your trip in Cairns so you can get the very best service from our staff. Make sure you read our other articles here on this blog.

Campervan Hire Cairns Prices Drop

Hi friends, and fans of Totally Campers.

Today we are going to talk about the best time to get a campervan on hire, so you are best able to pick the right dates and avoid paying more. Sometimes the prices drop. Sometimes the prices skyrocket. The trick is to know when to book, not when to hire.

For example say you want to hire during December and January. Well this is the busiest time of the year, and you can bet campervan hire prices skyrocket. So NEVER, I mean NEVER try to hire a camper during this period. Instead of inquiring about prices in October try to get in earlier, you’ll get a far better price. I would try to inquire during February or March. Yes some 10 months before! Are you a smart holiday goer?

Let’s hope so. During this time campervan companies are having their quiet period. They are keen to catch any money they can during these months. Tell them you know this, that you know they are in their quiet period, and that you are willing to pay a part of this booking now, if they give you a good price. You’ll want a discount because you are booking so early. Use this ‘insider knowledge’ to your advantage.

Right now as I’m hitting this keyboard I can already see other campervan hire companies slapping their heads. Why would we give away such knowledge? Well Cairns campervan hire is highly competitive. We want to show customers that we are ‘PRO CUSTOMER.’

Cairns Campervan Hire Madness!

You should also check out our ‘preparing for your campervan hire’ article where you’ll learn all about asking the right questions before you drive. You need to make sure you understand how to operate the camper properly. You never know what might happen.

As for hiring a camper during the quiet times, the ball is in your court. Make sure you get plenty of quotes, not only from one only platform where all the companies appear, but also try to visit a few others. Although the same companies might be offering their campers there, you might find that their prices are different. They might set their prices up differently on each platform, and this is especially true in different language.

If you can speak another language make sure you cross-check the prices on both an English platform as well as your other language. For example a friend of mine found that the same camper from the same supplier was four hundred dollars cheaper on the German website!! Even though he was booking from within Australia.

Hire campervan Cairns suppliers in particular are more competitive than in other cities. For example if you were to show local suppliers your price, printed from online they will also try to match it or beat it. This is great news for you because after that you might even try show this to another camper supplier who beats it again. Obviously the price beating process won’t go on forever, but you can always get it down twice.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your holiday. Totally Campers

Campervan Hire Sydney Industry Gossip

A lot is happening with Sydney campervan rental companies going wild to catch customers before the busy season starts. The busy season will start around October and go until the end of January. So don’t wait any longer because as campervan hire companies book out more and more vehicles they are running out, and prices will rise.

Agents ran a competition with us and Daniel New from Utlimate Oz in Sydney won $500.00 for promoting to the greatest number of budget campervan hire Sydney customers. In fact he totally below away the other camper promoters.

Renting a campervan need not be difficult. Instead of going to all the various suppliers and getting a price simply contact a tour booking desk and let them do the running around for you. They’ll make telephone calls and get the latest prices. They’ll call you back with a few offers, and help you decide based on the benefits that come with each camper.

After all they do get commissions and are willing to work for their money. Sydney is a special location and there are tons of rental companies so make your life easy.

In terms of price it is getting very competitive all over Australia. Two new campervan companies have come onto the scene offering cheap campervan Sydney prices. The trend we perceive is that as camper suppliers we are also ‘educating’ our market to expect lower rates as competitors cut down their prices in order to win their piece of the pie.

All in all customers soon start expecting limousine quality vehicles at budget prices.

Be Realistic With Cheap Campervan Hire Sydney Deals

Unfortunately this is to the determent of smaller campervan suppliers. In the finish only large scale operators will be able to out last this price war.

threesisters campervan SydneyThere is a solution however. A new concept in Germany has taken hold in many business fields, whereby smaller operators band together in a consortium fashion and become carries of each others’ services. Adapting such an idea in Australia would imply smaller campervan hire businesses join together and formulate their own joint-venture. This would take the form of a united-brand across all operators. Such an idea needs a lot of bumps to be ironed out, but unless campervan hire companies cooperate my prediction is that within six years many of them will shut down, given Australia’s failing economy.

This is why in order to stay competitive Totally Campers has launched the 4WD Hilux Camper. This will be coming soon to the Sydney region so users can enjoy trips to places that are far removed from typical car hire, such as the Blue Mountains.

Several of the best off-road attractions are only a one day drive away from Sydney.

Thanks for reading and in case you haven’t heard Totally Campers are also launching an affiliate program so you can start to earn a bit by spreading the news about our Sydney campervan hire options. Contact us any time: PH 1800 707 000

Campervan Sydney Deals Madness

So you’ve decided to hire a campervan Sydney companies are giving you offers.

Now you’re comparing prices. You find Sydney campervan hire doesn’t come cheap.

The thing is, you really want to do it. So you have to choose one.

This article is written for those of you who have never hired a campervan and really want to save a bit of money but also find a quality budget campervan offer.

The question is, is it all about price?

You’re looking at the offers, and you’re asking yourself, does cheaper also mean bad quality? The answer is no, not really. Campervan companies are relatively the same in terms of what they do, what kind of vehicles they offer and how they look after you.

campervan_hire_australiaUnless of course you are paying for a high end product that guarantees quality and satisfaction. For example big brand companies have campervans all over the place. So breaking down with them means they will give you another vehicle. On the other hand if your camper breaks down with a smaller company, well that means you may need to wait at the mechanic a few hours, but the small companies will give you some money back.

So this means that unless you’re paying top dollar, all that matters is price.

All the mid range to lower price companies offer nearly the same thing. There is for example one company that is the cheapest of the cheap, they are well known and offer very old vehicles painted with radical paint jobs and graffiti….

They offer the cheapest price because the vehicles they offer are older than most.

That is ok. So if you are after budget campervan Sydney deals then that is ideal for younger travelers. The mid-range to low cost vehicle will be the same.

Our Special Sydney Offer

Our company tries to better other prices. If you do get a quote that is better than ours for a similar vehicle then just email us. We will try to beat the price and cut our cost!

Budget campervan Sydney prices interest us and we want to make you an offer.


Sydney Campervan Hire Attractions

Sydney is one of the best places to start your campervan hire.

After all, it is one of the most expensive places for hotels. You’ll need to save as much money as you can at the start of your holiday, because you never know how much you might really need towards the end. Imagine staying in Australia for six months only to realize that you spent far too much money in the first few weeks.

Sydney is one of those places that can suck away all your money, all too fast.

People don’t seem to realise, so when hiring a campervan in Sydney we recommend you follow some of this advice. Firstly, Sydney being one of the most expensive places in the country, you could alternatively start your camper hire from Cairns. Those people on the other hand who begin in Sydney will instead finish in Cairns completing the same route.

Visit Our Campervan Sydney Office

You’ll be picking up your vehicle from All Seasons, the local Sydney branch for Totally Campers. Don’t forget that you can’t pick up the vehicle after 3p.m on weekdays.

In order to save a few dollars you may want to go with ‘budget campervan hire Sydney‘ options. The standard Smartie camper is the way to go.

Make sure you ask a lot of questions from the local branch about where to stay and where to park your vehicle. They will even know a few free locations you could park to spend the night, near beaches and relaxing places that have beautiful natural views.

Remember campervan Sydney groups tend to form together where other campervans are parked. So make sure you get to know the others around you, you’ll find that they will keep your vehicle safer, everyone looks out for each other.

Now getting down to free things to do, so you don’t blow all your money here.campervan hire Sydney

Firstly you will want to head down to Bondi Beach. This famous beach is where many Australian TV shows are filmed, as well as being a classic ‘surfy’ hangout.

While there you’ll also want to enjoy the Coogee Walk, which is a long boardwalk next to the sea. If you’re lucky and hiring a campervan Sydney during the spring season you’ll also see the ‘sculpture by the sea’ which displays Australian art by the sea.

Naturally you’ll want to park your camper near the Sydney harbor bridge and talk a selfie.

The Royal Botanic Gardens is probably going to be your first glimpse of Australian flora and fauna. Make sure you take a look because as you leave Sydney and head North you’ll find that the Australian plant life changes the further North you go.

One more important thing to see is your first taste of Australian history at the Rocks Discovery Museum in Sydney. You’ll see amazing aborigine collections, as the museum tells Australia’s story form pre-European times until the present day.

If you do go ahead and rent a campervan Sydney events are a must-know. All you need to do is grab a copy of a local news paper called ‘Time Out’ for just $4.95. It will list all the free or cheap events that are happening for that weekend and the next week. Not only does it list shows but you’ll also find out about parties and concerts.

Cheap campervan hire Sydney companies should advise you about what to do, where to go and how to drive so you save money on fuel and go around those highway tolls.

Our recommendation is to put the competition to the test. Give them a call on the phone and see how much local knowledge they have. If campervan hire Sydney companies, such as Totally Campers, spend time with you on the phone and are willing to share and offer advice about where to go, especially where to park and sleep for free, and what things can be done cheaply around Sydney, then that is a good sign.

Remember that if a campervan hire Sydney company doesn’t show patience on the phone before you book then when you need them the most, such as when you have a break-down, or even a flat tyre, then they aren’t going to be much helpful then either.

Our new generation campervan is now out!

For the very first time anywhere in Australia our company Totally Campers offers the first Camper Ute of its kind. It comes with a hard shell tent that pops open, and what’s more, underneath the sleeping bay are shelves that slide out for all your storage needs.

It has a water tank and storage space as well as a refrigerator.

You’ll be able go anywhere, sleep anywhere, drive anywhere.

This campervan is unlimited in potential! Camper 4WD b

But why rent this campervan? Well for starts it grants you access to Campervan Cairns areas not accessible to normal campervans. This baby goes into four wheel drive mode!

Sure, there are plenty of 4WD vehicles you can hire and travel the same way. So what is so great about this offer? Its all about money, money, money!

Your average 4WD rental companies offer vehicles complete with everything under the sun. That is why they are so darn expensive. They cost more than $200.00 a day.

A campervan cost anywhere from $55.00 a day to $140.00 for a motorhome.

With our 4WD Camper Hilux you won’t have to pay as much a 4WD rental. In fact it only cost just a little more than your average campervan rental.

This means far more value for your money.Camper 4WD a

You’ll start your journey in Cairns and from there head out to the Cape York.

The scenery is beautiful, and you’ll see wildlife in their real environment.

Emus, cassowaries, oxen, kangaroos, goannas.

You’ll be able to set up the camp fire, place the cooking grill over the flames and cook up your meat and enjoy a BBQ in the great outback.

Yes! We do allow our 4WD camper Hilux to go around Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane in case you want to see the Blue Mountains or other special attractions.

If you do head up to Cape York you’ll be driving along the Bloomfield track. We recommend you stay at the Bloomfield Escape.

You’ll be able to stay at their cabins, enjoy a good shower and the warmth of a cozy room to change up your adventure. Their cabins are brilliant.

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Starting Your Cairns Campervan Hire Right

Here are a few tips to help you get ready for your campervan holiday. If you are doing Cairns campervan hire and plan to travel down the coast there are some important bits of information you need. But first, even before leaving, understand your vehicle.

The key is that when you pick up the camper make sure you ASK ALL THE QUESTIONS. If there is anything, absolutely anything you want to know, make sure you ask before leaving; because once you’re on the road its too late.

Asking about how to use anything on your camper could prove more difficult than you think while on the road. There will be traffic distractions, and even possibly a bad connection due to being so far away.

It could get frustrating as you try to figure out how your camper works, even if its something simple like moving the front seats forwards to make room for extra sleeping space. Or what about finding all the points to plug your camper in to charge up the batteries? You’ll do this at a caravan park but need to know where to find sockets.Angle 1

Or what about how to use the gas stove? Did you know there is a water pump?

Essentially there are things you need to know.

Most important Cairns to Sydney journeys could be tricky.

Did you know that the Cairns area has nothing in the way of toll charges? The highways are totally free of charge. Yet with Cairns campervan hire to Sydney you’ll most likely pass through cities like Brisbane and Melbourne on your way to Sydney.

Going into major cities and out of them incurs road toll fees.

You can’t just drive around and not pay them. They only cost around three dollars to pay.

But if you don’t pay them the government will send the toll invoice to Totally Campers, and then we will have to charge you $75.00 in order to place the toll into your name. On top of that the government will now send you the toll, to your own country, and they will find you. By the time the toll charge reaches you it will cost around $65.00 more.

Many campervan journeys often end up getting around 5 to 7 tolls after completing theri journey. This could potentially cost you around $400.00 on top of your holiday!

But, there is good news. There is a way around this. All you need to do is get a Go Via pass, and this will automatically charge your credit card the initial $3.50 free for each toll, saving you lots of time and stress. So you’ll need one before starting your trip.

In the finish you’ll be glad you got your Go Via pass and asked all the right questions at the start of your journey. You’ll have a seamless campervan holiday, with a life time of memories you enjoyed.

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