Expect the Best When Hiring a Hitop Camper

Brisbane Hitop Campervan Tips

Hello Brisbane customers.

Time to get ready for your campervan holiday and experience freedom and your leisure.

There have been a lot of questions lately concerning the whole package included with the rental of a hitop campervan. Firstly, you can pick up your campervan Brisbane airport is actually only a short taxi drive away. You’ll check in to pick up your campervan and the pick up shouldn’t take long, see that you have already paid for your campervan.

Indeed most camper hire Australia wide companies require payment seven days before picking up. Normally you’ll either pay online before pick up, or you’ll send through your credit card details on a credit card authorisation form. The essential thing is to have enough funds because the bond will be either charged as an authorisation to your card or charged as a deposit which will be refunded when you return the campervan.

Different camper rentals offer different bonds and excess systems.

Hi Top 3You’ll always have to choose between buying a second hand camper from brisbane motorhome auctions where prices are quite good when it comes to buying your own campervan. The key here is that when you buy a hitop campervan you can always sell it and hopefully make your money back during the sale. That is the ultimate plan.

This means that going Brisbane to Cairns by campervan is actually free!

There are tons of special deals out there. Britz Brisbane campervan deals are often very attractive because the vehicles are known to be of top quality. With quality comes price however and the range of hitop hire Australia deals vary, so that the less you pay the lower the quality is, until you pay so little you’re hiring a lemon on wheels…

Inside the hitop you’ll always get a refrigerator. Make sure its included or you are just paying for more space to stand in, which is the only basic luxury this camper offers as a vehicle. With a Brisbane hitop hire vehicle you’ll be getting all the mod cons.

A Brisbane hitop campervan should include:

  • Airconditioning in the back.
  • Auxiliary battery to power the facilities.
  • Microwave oven.
  • Cooking oven running on gas.
  • Two beds for sleeping.
  • Tables / Chairs / Linen

Hitops are all about getting more mod cons. You’ll have more storage. They even come in five seater models so be sure to ask about how many seatbelts are equipped as well as the size of the beds. Most campervan hire companies will not share this information unless asked. You don’t want to hire a camper from Brisbane to Cairns and not fit in your bed!

We recommend taking a look at the photos of our Brisbane hitop campervan models HERE. You can see they Have lots of space, are very tidy and professionally fitted. The greatest thing about these vehicles is the ability to just rest on the bed, and open the back to let the ocean breeze gently blow into your camper as you relax next to the sea with a perfect view.

Contact us now to find out more about your hitop campervan holiday.

Understanding the Problem of Budget Campervan Hire

Hello Brisbane Camper Customers.

The cheapest campervan hire Brisbane deals are now on offer. The difference in competition however is not only going to be based on pricing. It ‘looks like’ a price war is happening, but you have to ask: do you want to drive a campervan that barely runs and is falling apart? Or do you want a camper that cost about the same price but has all the mod cons? This is exactly what is happening with motorhome hire Brisbane offers.

Quality is being slashed but the price does not speak for itself.

When hiring a camper be sure to inform yourself about what kind of facilities have been installed into the camper. A campervan kitchenette is an essential luxury, but that’s not all. What about sleeping space? Storage space? Insurance risk?

If you rent campervan cheap Brisbane deals often turn sour. Why? Because of all the hidden cost. Due to legal reasons we are not able to name our competitors. But we are aware that some of the insurance excess covers are not all they seem to be.

Campervan hire insurance often is proclaimed to be ‘zero excess.’ BUT its NOT!

Split Hitops Reduced

campervan hire Brisbane

Often this zero excess has tricky terms and conditions on camper rentals.

For example, if the accident is your fault, you are no longer covered. Or even worse, if you damage another vehicle and the accident is your fault; then you are liable for the FULL COST of repairing the second vehicle!!! Ouch!

Just imagine the implications if you cause a truck to crash on the highway or smash an expensive car like a Mercedes. Renting a campervan from Brisbane to Cairns means you’ll be travelling on Australian highways where all the action happens.

There are kangaroos and the famous Australian trucks, known as ‘road trains.’

If you hire a campervan Queensland is a great place to enjoy a long drive.

But because its such a hot state of Australia your campervan better come equipped with a refrigerator. So getting a cheaper deal might mean losing the luxuries.

This is not to say that our campers are more expensive. Our task, regardless of which campervan hire from Brisbane deal you take, is to inform you of our market.

Budget hire campervan Brisbane deals are where all the problems happen. Companies that are able to offer such cheap camper hire deals (dirt cheap means dirty) also cut costs down that you do not see. What if your campervan is not covered with Road Side Assistance, such as with RACQ road side cover? Our campers are all on-fleet with RACQ, which means no matter where you get stuck in Australia, if you were to have any mechanical problems you know they’ll come to the rescue.

Some private campervan hire deals are on offer. These private operators have six to ten vehicles on average and rent them out at very cheap prices. As usual these deals are too good to be true. Get stuck with a mechanical problem? Guess what, you’re on your own.

Be sure to find out about which campers have the best facilities and extras.

Know the full package, know the full risks. You’ll get the best campervan Brisbane here.

Brisbane Camper Discount Secrets

How to Get the Best Campervan Before Its Advertised

Camper hire Brisbane is better than ever for tourist.

With three new campervan companies appearing on the scene like a plague upon the corn of our market its no wonder that prices are dropping for campervan hire.

Everyone wants cheap campervan hire Brisbane deals. You’ll find that Brisbane is now the cheapest place to hire from. What you probably don’t know is that you can ‘make a deal’ on your rental price and haggle your price down. Don’t be fooled by quotations given through websites, as nothing is set in stone, and nothing is official.

3You can always do a bit better. So make sure you ask about your destiny location if you really want to dig deeper. The key is to get into the mechanics of campervan rental.

Hiring a camper from Brisbane doesn’t mean the supplier doesn’t NEED you to also move it. For example often campervan hire companies offer relocation deals for you to move campers to wherever all the camper bookings are happening. Chances are they need you to get that campervan there because all the action is up in Cairns or wherever your campervan holiday is headed. So also find out by trying to book a camper at the other end, using your destination as the ‘pick up’ location. If you see that campervan prices are higher for the same amount of time, using the same dates; it means you’re in luck. Campervan hire companies NEED campers at that location.

Instead of doing a cheap relocation for just a dollar a day rental companies are actually making a bit more money from you than they should. That is why you can negotiate from an informed position. So before you hire a campervan Brisbane is not the only place to inquire from, even if that is your real location. Get a feeling for the full mechanics of our market. It will only take a few minutes to find out and viola, you get a bargain.

You’ll save a bit more money when opting for a budget camper. Yes they come with risk, such as breakdowns, but at most you’ll lose a few hours on repairs at a mechanical centre and you are back on the road. The key is to be realistic with expectations when hiring an older vehicle. Older campers are offered practically at every supplier. So they may prove cost effective and handy. If you’re lucky you’ll even get a hitop model with a fridge and freezer. But so long as it at least has an esky and a cooker you are good to go.

Remember, larger campervan rental companies offer more locations to drop to. It all depends on where you want to travel. It  might happen that they also want another kind of model at your destination that you have booked as well. So consider asking them something like this: ‘Look, this is the camper I want, but are there any other campers you would want brought up to XYZ city as well?’

What you are looking for here is a FREE UPGRADE. You might get lucky and get yourself a better campervan model, maybe the next model up, or even a 4 Berth Motorhome complete with living room, two beds, an oven, refrigerator and microwave.

Asking the right questions, for example for campervan hire Brisbane to Cairns trips is where you might find yourself with a far better deal than you paid for.

Campervan hire Brisbane to Cairns relocations for larger sized vehicles might be about to happen. So by asking the above question you might slip in and even get one of the motorhome hire Brisbane cheap deals before the vehicle is put on offer for relocations.

Read more about Brisbane camper deals here.

Camper Hire Brisbane Price Wars

The situation with campervan hire Brisbane prices is changing. With so many new campervan hire companies being established it is no wonder that competition is getting strong. For you, as the customer, this is good news.

3With everyone camper hire brand vetting for the same customer a price war has begun. So get busy online and start getting quotes. Show companies other quotes you have and watch them balk, as they are forced to lower their prices.

Campervan hire has a limited supply of customers. Now you have the power.

Once you’ve decided on which supplier to go with you’ll want to make sure you get the most out of your rental as well as knowing how to fully operate the vehicle.

Imagine being in a bad reception area and your mobile phone is breaking up, at this time it might be critical because you’ll want instructions in how to change a tire, or do something like replace the gas tank for the cooking stove in your kitchenette.

At Totally Campers we are always willing to help if you call us. Some places in Australia are remote however. Reception might not be clear. So make sure you ask all the right questions, and inform yourself about all of the campervans’ facilities.

So, before you hire a campervan Brisbane customers need to ask:

  1. How do I change the camper’s gas tank?
  2. Do I get it refilled or replace the tank at a station?
  3. Where do I check the oil level?
  4. How do I run the facilities to save power?
  5. How do you recharge the auxiliary battery?
  6. Do you have RACQ road side assistance?
  7. What are some important Australian driving tips?

Once you’re on the road you won’t regret spending just another ten minutes at the camper pick up location at our Brisbane Office in North Gate. You’ll feel more confident for it.

Cheap Campervan Hire Brisbane Tips

Now that you’re on the road you’ll need to make sure you save money along the way.

Firstly your major expense is going to be fuel. Did you know there are mobile apps that give you live information about where to find the cheapest fuel near you?

The app details price comparisons. Often these gas stations are only two minutes off from the highway and are very easy to reach in your camper. For people who want a cheap campervan hire Brisbane deal you’ll feel like you’ve ‘made a steal’ once you look back and realize that you have saved a good $400.00 just on fuel!

The other money saving tip is to buy meat and things in bulk. Talk to other campervan renters around the country where you stop. They might want to buy some beer or meat like you. Ask if you can head down together, buy a bigger amount and split the price.

You’ll end up with more beer, more meet and save money on essentials like wine.

Make sure you also Google free gas BBQ stoves around Queensland. From Brisbane to Cairns there are lots free gas cookers where you can cook outdoors for free. The gas is free and all you need to do is bring your meat and veggies and clean up afterwards.

Camperv Hire Should Be Fun

Between saving money, doing little missions for cheap fuel, and meeting others to split cost on bulk meats and beer you’ll be having a true campervan experience.

Hiring a camper in Australia means meeting people, seeing natural wonders and enjoying the fresh air. You’ll wake up in the morning in paradise, have your own meals. You can park practically anywhere in Australia and not have to pay for camping grounds.

When you rent a campervan in Brisbane the journey doesn’t need to be 100% planned. Its all about being spontaneous, connecting with people and discovering Australia.

For your Campervan Hire Brisbane Offer Contact us now.

Free Things to Do for Campervan Goers

Hey Brisbane Campervan friends!

Campervan hire Brisbane customers often miss out of these tips!

How do you have all the fun in Brisbane without having to pay?

If you have chosen to rent a campervan Brisbane can be expensive, so you’ll need to know what you can do for fun and how you can best save a few dollars in the process. You’ll want to park somewhere, preferably for free, and from that location access the best attractions of Brisbane.

Firstly, the key to unlocking Brisbane is getting a copy of Time Out Magazine.

It cost just five dollars and it highlights upcoming trendy local events in Brisbane.

As a campervan renter you’ll be able to park nearby. Yes, enjoy a wee drink, and need not worry about catching a taxi back for sleeping. Your camper can be parked near to the event location and you’ll get a good night sleep. And yes there are tons of free places to park in Brisbane city. Camper goers tend to stick together as these places.

4 Berth 1First of all you need to experience a truly Australian delight: rugby.

Brisbane is home to the Suncorp Stadium where you can see the All Blacks and several other international teams play against Australia. You haven’t been to Australia unless you’ve seen a game of rugby so why not see the best?

Park your camper nearby you are allowed to drink beer!

Suddenly you’re glad you decided to hire a campervan Brisbane.

Now for the best free things to do!

Camper holiday makers prefer to save money. That’s why you have a camper.

These fun and amazing things to do in Brisbane will really lift your spirits.

Firstly, visit Mount Coot-Tha Botanic Gardens. You’ll get fresh air, see lovely lush Australian greenery and what’s more the air is cool. Secondly if you’re from another country people watching is always fun in Australia! YOu can head down to the Davies Park Markets to get cheap items, snacks and enjoy Aussie fruit.

My personal favorite free thing to do in Australia; get your giggle on with Knockoff. The Knockoff is a powerhouse comedy show, featuring local Brisbane talent. It is the perfect welcome to how Australians really see the world with their funny takes on life.

A lot of campervan folks miss this next great tip. Did you know you don’t have to pay to have a Barbeque in Brisbane? Yep, that’s right, you can drive up to Kangaroo Point. You’ll the best view of Brisbane, enjoy the cliffs with a rock climbing class and at the top of the cliff you can secure one of the BBQ cookers. The sunsets here are enchanting!

On your way out of Brisbane you can drive North to Sunshine Beach. The scene of many Australian TV shows, this beach, despite having touristy areas all around it still retains its laid back atmosphere. You can even go surfing!

Campervan Hire Brisbane

Now that you’re interested in finding out more about hiring a camper in Brisbane read this article to find out how to get the best prices. As you can see our local knowledge is great, but there are many pitfalls when hiring a camper in Australia.

Campervan hire Brisbane prices get very competitive. That is a fact.

They key is to know when to hire. Timing is everything.

There are busy seasons and quite seasons. During busy times campervan hire prices skyrocket. After all everyone wants one, and demand means that suppliers can start charging higher prices when everyone is after the same camper.

Conversely when times are quiet prices drop. This is the time to get a discount on campervan rentals. After all, it is during this time that THEY want YOUR money!

On the other hand the weather is generally bad during the quiet times.

So the key is also to know when you can get a discount, and also enjoy good weather.

Its far too hot and rainy in the wet season up north. But for the rest of Australia the weather is beautiful down south. A campervan needs to have good air conditioning at this time. But in winter you’ll need heating when heading down south.

If summer is too hot and winter is too expensive, when is the time to hire a campervan from Brisbane, travelling to places like Sydney or Cairns?

The fact of the matter is spring is the best time. Before Christmas campervan suppliers are very quiet and don’t get much business. All the tourist have left in August. So September and October are just quiet seasons. The suppliers are waiting for the Christmas season to kick in. You can bet that December is going to be expensive!

That is why you should hire a camper in October & November.

You’ll be able to haggle the prices down. You’ll be able to show offers from other campervan hire companies and let them compete for your business. You could even get a great camper for as little as forty dollars a day!

Contact us now to get your quote. We are willing to help.

Brisbane Campervan Hire Suppliers Need Money

Hi Top 1Campervan hire Brisbane companies are now starting to lower their prices at never before seen discount rates! The reason being? There are now 5 new companies on offer if you want to hire a campervan Brisbane now has the biggest range.

Now considering the number of camper suppliers already established the competition is now larger than ever before. What does this mean for you?

It means that many companies are going to have campers sitting in their yards. Desperate to move them out of the rain and prevent them from getting rusty they will rent them for nearly nothing. Well… not that extreme, but you get the idea.

The key here is to know when they’ll be desperate, by knowing the quiet seasons and knowing how to negotiate their prices down. In the quiet periods you have more leverage and your dollar is worth far more. You’ll have added negotiation power.


Cheap Brisbane Campervan Hire Seasons

When to Rent a Camper Brisbane

Campervan Brisbane suppliers are dead quite when there are not enough tourist to go around. All of the camper businesses chase the same customer. Its a cannibalistic price war where companies undercut each other, some barely making profit on their rentals.

Turn this to your advantage by choosing to hire a campervan during the quiet times.

The busy seasons are naturally when the weather is best.

This occurs during the Australian winter in the north. But down south in winter the situation gets cold. Summer in the south of Australia where the major cities are is much nicer. Up north it becomes too hot so sleeping in a camper might be unbearable.

So what is the best compromise? They key is to firstly avoid the Australian school holidays. That is when local Australians are looking to book as well as tourist. So at this end of the market spectrum the shift of power goes to rental companies.

For price shoppers this is important. Here are the seasons in all their glory:

  • Christmas. The most expensive. Everyone wants to have their new years celebration in Australia. Want to save money forget it?
  • Australian winter. Expensive. Europeans are all on holiday and flock to Australia.
  • Australian summer. Bad weather up north due to the wet season. But its CHEAP.
  • October/November. Here is your chance to get cheap and have fun.

That’s right. In October and November the European holiday season is over. That means when you arrive you’ll still catch some great weather. Down south is warming up. Up north its not yet too hot and not yet too rainy for a nice holiday. You will have a few rainy days, and you should use those days to see rainforest and waterfalls instead of desiring sunny beach days. You can’t go wrong.

Brisbane campervan hire prices really drop.

You’ll be able to not only get better deals but also show camper suppliers what kind of other deals you have been offered. During this time having a good offer provides huge leverage on getting the other camper you want.

Our Campervan Hire Brisbane Offer

So here it is. Send us any quotes you have from campervan Brisbane suppliers.

We match it with our best quote and there is a 90% chance we’ll beat any price!

What’s more we’ll show you the difference between the hire offers. Most people do not realise that the biggest difference lies in the excess covers!

Did you know that some zero excess offers actually are only truly a zero excess if the accident is not your fault? Read the small writing from the other suppliers. They might look CHEAP but they are not because as soon as you have an accident… guess what, you are paying the FULL damage price for the other vehicle that you smashed, as well as the full damage repair price for the camper you rented.

Imagine how much this cost if you cause a truck or Mercedes to crash!

So find out the full details. We’ll help inform you and get the best deal.

Contact us now at Totally Campers Brisbane to get a quote on your Brisbane camper.

Getting the Best Value for Money On Your Holiday

campervan hire MelbourneIf you want to hire a campervan Melbourne has tons of good campers on offer. Totally Campers is one of the few who actually deliver service as well as great price.

From Melbourne you’ll want the kind of camper that offers you all the comforts away from home. So make sure you ask if your vehicle has heating as well as an air conditioner. Leaving Melbourne with heating is good and well, you’ll need it down there. However the further north you travel in Australia the more you’ll want to cool down!

Don’t skimp on quality over saving a few dollars. These comforts will make a huge different. Want to be cooler at night? The larger motorhome has aircon in the sleeping area. Want more space to stand and still save money? The hitop camper has all the room to stand so you can change your clothes or cook inside. Have a seat there’s tons of space!

Your little 2 berth camper, which we call the Smartie, is best for people who wish to save and have somewhere to sleep. Open up the back and use a mozzie net, so you’ll get the cool breeze to help you sleep at night and keep the mosquitoes at bay.

Campervan Hire Melbourne Toll Roads

Cheap Campervan Melbourne Seekers Often Pay More

That’s right. They often pay more than those who think ahead.

Campervan hire Melbourne customers need to be aware!

One of the pitfalls is that a lot of customers who hire campervans are not informed about highway tolls in Australia. If you are the kind of person looking to rent a campervan Melbourne does have a few tolls you’ll have to pay. But campervan goers are usually the kind of people who like to save a few dollars. No harm there.

There are ways around highway tolls. You can use your mobile phone to select a route which navigates around highway toll zones. This way you’ll avoid having to pay.

Be that as it may some people still get caught. One wrong turn and you’re vehicle has been photographed and you now have an invoice to pay! The thing some tourist believe is that ‘maybe they won’t catch me.’ Unfortunately they will and it will COST MORE.

Your campervan contract shows that you were the driver. Your campervan hire company also has your license details and your home address in your country. They don’t want to pay the bill themselves so they will forwards it to you. Unfortunately they will also send you their own bill for the trouble of having to forwards the toll to your name in your country. A toll process this way cost up to $75.00 in administration fees plus another $16.00 for the toll. This is unfortunate because the toll at first cost only $3.30.

The quickest way to avoid the pain of paying road tolls and save a lot of money is to get a Go Via pass. Go onto their website or get their mobile app. All you need are your travel dates and the registration number of the vehicle. They’ll bill you just $3.30 for each toll. Most customers only go through two or three toll segments.

This way you’ll pay just under $7.00 instead of $300.00 if you hadn’t se this up.

Your campervan hire Melbourne experience will feel so much better.

Melbourne Campervan Hire & Free Parking

You Still Needn’t Pay For Camping Grounds

In many countries where there is all too much regulation you’ll find that parking up over night has become nearly impossible in public areas. The good news is that the ‘good old days’ are still rocking in Australia. There are tons of free spaces.

Even if the police do ask you to move on they’ll do it in a friendly courteous manner.

Tourist are after all the life blood of an Australian economy.

When you hire a camper Melbourne people care.

Truth be known there are some places where campervans have been parked for over seven months. News reporters recently covered the story revealing the tightly knit camper communities teaming around the city. People can be seen having BBQ’s and getting changed in public, or hanging up their clothes to dry between trees in public gardens.

It might sound cheap and dodgy but its the fun part of your camper experience.

Models for Renting Campervan Melbourne Customers

So What Kind of Campervan Do you Want?

There are four main kinds of vehicles you can rent from Melbourne.

From Melbourne you can drive to the following cities where we have branches to drop off your vehicle at the end of your journey. These are the best locations:

  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Adelaide
  • Cairns
  • Sydney

If you really want to see Australia in a camper then we recommend driving from Melbourne up to Cairns in North Queensland. This way you’ll see the best of everything.

You’ll start with the Great Ocean Road and end up in Cairns where you’ll enjoy a trip to the Great Barrier Reef and see some of the best sea life in the world. Plus Cairns is extremely campervan friendly as a city, with free gas BBQ areas next to the sea.

Here are the four main vehicles on offer:

  1. 2 Berth – Smartie Camper.
  2. 3 Berth – Hi Top. Can sleep 4 people.
  3. 4 Berth Motorhome – 5 Seats. Sleeps 5.
  4. 5 Seater Hitop. Go with the whole team.

Learn more about our campervans and get a quote now.

Your friendly campervan hire Melbourne team.

Cheap Campervan Melbourne Problems

Budget campervan Melbourne deals look great. They offer you all the freedom at half the price. But are they really giving you a quality vehicle and will you have more problems than you bargained for? Be careful with deals that look too good to be true.

Renting campervan Melbourne providers normally have their target market. The larger market is backpackers who want to save money. After all hotels are going to be too expensive once you add on car hire or bus tours. Hiring a camper is the ultimate alternative, in that it includes accommodation and transport in one package.

campervan hire MelbourneWhen you get to Melbourne find out about the local camper brands.

Ask your local tour operators which ones are the most reliable and have not only the best campers but also the best service. Every camper supplier indeed has had campers that have broken down now and again. This is unavoidable. But beware of cut throat companies putting out campers on Melbourne roads that are nearly broken down before they hit the road. Some suppliers simply play dirty games and cut corners.

They don’t care if you are broken down on the road nor how much time you’ll lose while waiting on repairs or road side assistance.

How to Spot a Lemon Camper

Ask These Questions to Spot Rotten Deals

If you want to rent a campervan Melbourne offers a lot of dealers to choose from. If you shop only looking at the price you could fall into a trap. While Totally Campers is one of the cheaper brands that doesn’t mean we are the cheapest and nor do we want to be.

There is always a balance between saving money and getting quality.

A good campervan deal should offer you a quality camber at a bargain price. You’ll want to ask about the year of the vehicle, not only the make and model. Plus you need to ask how many kilometers it has done. Anything over 200,000 kms and it should be cheap.

Ask if your Melbourne campervan hire deal includes road side assistance.

RACQ is the standard provider in Australia. The campervan should be on a fleet list with RACQ so that if you do run into mechanical trouble you’ll have someone on call to help you wherever you are, across all Australian roads near and far. Even the outback.

Bad kilometers, an older camper, plus no RACQ means you’re in trouble.

All our vehicles are on fleet with RACQ at Totally Campers.

We offer the best campervan hire Melbourne prices you will find attractive.

Contact us now to get a quote and meet your friendly staff.

Campervan Melbourne Deals

Campervan Melbourne deals just got better!

Hey friends and fans of Totally Campers. Today I’m going to let you in on a big secret. Because you’ve taken the time to actually read this blog I’m going to show you how to get a ten percent discount on ANY campervan rental company.

That’s right! This ten percent offer, though not official, is secretly available from just about any kind of tourist attraction. You just have to know the way to squeeze it out of your campervan hire Melbourne specialists and say the magic words.

The magic words are:

‘How about instead of you giving twenty percent to your agents I instead book directly with you. So you give me a ten percent discount but you make more money instead of me going through them.’

That’s all you have to say to get a great campervan deal. Melbourne is very competitive and the truth be known all campervan hire companies depend heavily upon booking agents. Those agents run tour desk and websites and in doing so collect their own commission fee for bringing your business to the companies they represent.

campervan hire MelbourneSo if you want to go for cheap campervan hire Melbourne offers then why not add these words to your negotiations and get a bit more off the total hire price.

Hiring a camper is easy. From Melbourne there are a ton things to see and do. If you jump in and commit to campervan hire Melbourne suppliers you’ll find that the local knowledge from your supplier is superior.


Campervan Melbourne Trends

Hire Your Camper During the Cheaper Season

Most tourist make the mistake of thinking they can all hire in the best seasons. But of course at this time with such high demand rental companies have the advantage. Campervans become limited which is why for example campervans over December and the first week of January cost double, sometimes triple their normal rental price!

The busy seasons are:

  • School holidays.
  • Easter break.
  • Christmas holidays.
  • Winter, especially June, July, August.

If you really want to save money then don’t hire a campervan during these times. Cheap campervan hire Melbourne deals are over! Our winter season is the best time of the year, but its also the same holiday season for Europeans. Germans, Italians and the British are on the move. The best campervans and hotels are full and more expensive.

Compare this price table from our competitors:

Camper Type Busy Season Quiet Season
Camper $85 per day $44 per day
Hitop $115 per day $69 per day
4 Berth $165 per day $110 per day

These figures are based on my own observations over the last few years. They are real figures and reflect not only market demand but also typical pricings.

It is during the quiet season that things get a lot more interesting. Recently I saw a major large brand campervan rental company offer a Hitop camper for as little as $30.00 a day. Their philosophy clearly is to keep the campers moving, even if they make very little money, but it keeps staff busy and sharp in maintaining company procedures.

So The Campervan Hire Melbourne Best Season Is?

What then is the best time for not only saving money and enjoying good weather? March, April and May would have to be the best bet. Summer is cooling down, there are plenty of good days. As you drive around the North is warm and not too hot, the south hasn’t reach a cold winter yet. You’ll get to see the best of everything at the best price.

Campervan Melbourne Savings

Campervan hire Melbourne stays offer tons of things to do. This is an exciting area to visit. Your adventure begins by committing yourself to the full camper experience.

This may mean learning a few things, because let’s be clear at the outset: hiring a campervan is not meant to be an luxury experience. What it really represents is living freely on the road while still having a few comforts.

Campervan Melbourne like Fred Flintstone?

Time Out MelbourneTravelling in a camper isn’t meant to look like a Fred Flintstone kind of journey either. You won’t need to ‘rough it’ and live like wildlings. Your journey will be clean, boisterous and most of all spontaneous. Keep an eye and ear open for opportunities. Fellow travelers often know natural wonders you can enjoy nearby that are otherwise not highlighted as tourist attractions. The best thing is that in your camper if you like you’ll be able to simply stay, enjoy the scenery overnight on your way to Melbourne.

New to the area? No worries. Melbourne has a vital source of information where you’ll find out about trendy local events and gatherings. The Time Out magazine covers events such as art gatherings, graffiti competitions, Australian culture celebrations, concerts, local markets and more importantly FREE events to enjoy your stay.

The good news is that you can get Time Out for just four dollars.

Campervan hire Melbourne goers are known to park their campers side by side in certain locations, so once you figure out the going spots you’ll know exactly where to stay. Once there you’ll also find out about local events and how to best enjoy your stay.

Melbourne Campervan Hire Parking

Car-parks Have Become the Norm in Melbourne

Melbourne car parks have become illegal caravan parks for tourist who want to save money. But don’t worry, just because they are illegal doesn’t mean you will have any stress staying there. According to news reports some tourist have parked their campers at these sites and have been in the same spot for seven months!

Melbourne campervanYes police do leave notes asking people to leave, but with tourist coming and going it is hard to tell who has been there for how many days. In the finish authorities only warn people to move on but no real action is taken. Do not be worried when authorites leave a notice saying you have ‘three days to leave the car park.’ In the finish they do not know which of the many campervans parked have been there for longer. There are just too many campervan hire Melbourne vehicles parked up.

The best places to park near other campers is at Port Melbourne and St Kilda, where many travelers are seen cooking, brushing their teeth, and getting dressed in spaces next to the sea and in gardens. This is where you’ll get the best local tips about attractions.

Our advice is that if you really want to stay at car parks then consider the space in the back of your camper. Having a Hitop camper would be more suitable, especially if you prefer to change your clothes in the back of the vehicle for more privacy.

Amazing Things to Do in Melbourne

Melbourne Campervan Hire Means Greater Access

There are so many amazing things to see in your camper. Have your camera ready, from city sights to the country side Melbourne has it all.

Inside the city you’ll learn about Australian culture at the Melbourne museum. Plus this city is famous for its street graffiti which is supported by the government. Instead of art done in bad taste it has become a part of the city’s amazing features.

From Melbourne you can access the Great Ocean Road. There are many places to stay for free along the way, from beaches to secluded river–side resting spots. And yes you can drink the water from Australian rivers. It is fresh and great for swimming too. You’ll have easy access to Otway Tree Top Adventures, which is a skywalk in our natural forest.

If you want to see penguins they are as cute as you have always imagined. You can see them at Phillip Island Natural Park, which is just a cheap ferry ride away.

Feeling a little more humorous? Then drive your camper to Sovereign Hills and see the Goldfields exhibition. This themed attractions is designed to re-enact a wild west type adventure, with its cowboy type setting you’ll feel you’ve gone back in time.

Naturally the highlight attraction of this region are the 12 Apostles which is a MUST SEE. If you feel like a good walk take the 1km walk from there to the Gibson Steps, and be dwarfed by the 70 meter high cliff face next to the sea.

Melbourne Campervan Hire Preparations

Start Your Campervan Hire Melbourne Right

Now that you’ve figured out that there are cheap things to do, where all the fun things are around Melbourne you need to prepare for your journey. Make sure you understand everything about your hire vehicle before you start. Ask all the right questions.

campervan hire MelbourneHere are some questions you might forget with your campervan hire Melbourne trip:

  1. Where do I store water?
  2. How do I plug into a power source when at a camp site?
  3. Where is the spare tire and how do I change it?
  4. How do I check the oil/water levels of the engine?
  5. What is the best way to use the inside space?
  6. How do I set up the bed?
  7. What kind of fuel does the camper use?

All vehicles available for Melbourne campervan hire have different features. Smarties are different from Hitops. You’ll need to know the ins and outs of the vehicle because this will be your new home on the road. You don’t want to suddenly have to phone, asking ‘how do I use this?’ because its harder to receive instructions over the phone. Some areas in Australia have bad reception. It is a big country!

Once you feel confident there is but only one more thing to do.

Make sure you have a Go Via road toll e-pass. This will ensure that you pay your highway tolls at minimum price. With the Go Via pass you’ll only have to pay about $3.50 for each toll. Where as if they arrive by invoice the cost is over $16.00, plus the additional $75.00 fee from your camper supplier seeing that they have to transfer the toll into your name through the government. Three tolls could cost nearly three hundred dollars. So save yourself time and trouble by getting a Go Via pass.

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