Earn extra cash with your website or in store.

Making money as an affiliate is a breeze. Just take the deposit as your commission. Done!

You’ll typically call us or email with the booking inquiry from your customer. We’ll give you the price, insurance options and you’re done! If your client likes the offer you take 25% as the deposit. You keep the deposit, you’ll even get commission on the insurance fees.

Fill out a deposit slip using your companies booking forms, showing how much they paid. Make sure you use our reference number or name on the voucher.

You really have Unlimited Earning Potential!

You’ll always receive up to 25% so long as this offer stands.

What is an affiliate program?

Our affiliate program pays you for sending your customers to our company. Affiliate marketing programs like ours don’t require any fees and are easy to start, all you need is a voucher book, you take the deposit, so there’s no risk to you.

Contact Us: info (at) totally-campers (dot) com